#LightTheWorld Packet of Printables: Great for Families!! Or to use to Invite a Friend to Participate.

 Lot's of great Printables to Help You #LightTheWorld! Great for Families!!

My favorite tradition every year is to participate in #LightTheWorld. Every year I update my Light The World Bingo cards, so they correlate with the daily prompts. My kids love these and already have marked several off. It's so much fun to see them get excited about serving and showing love like the Savior.

Last year, my grandma, we call her Nana, was in assisted living and they were on lock down. So I decided to include her in our Light The World. So I dropped off a Light The World calendar the first day with a couple printables to get her going. Then every day I would text her the daily prompt and share some ideas of things she could do. I know that it meant so much to her. So, I really wanted to do something again for her this year. I decided on a packet. Last night, I went through the whole Light The World calendar and tried to come up with printables that she could use for most of the days to help her Light The World. 

I'm compiling them all into a packet and printing the calendar to take to her today. I also, thought that I would share the printables here. They would be great to use as a family, they would also be fun to make a packet and give to a family or to an individual who you would like to invite to participate in Light The World. 

As I was thinking about Light the World, is that we each have a light to share. That light is shared each time we are kind, each time we serve and each time we share our thoughts of the Savior. That light is contagious and can inspire others to share their light!! How great it would be to fill this world with light!! As you use these printables make sure you tag me @Lifesjourneytoperfection or if your account is private take pictures and message them to me. I'd love to see the printables being used & I'd love to spotlight you on my page.

I'll share the printables and what day they go with below...

Dec 1: 3 Things I Love About You Cards

These cards come four to a page, so every family member can participate, or you could give them to multiple people. I like to do paper versions, because a lot of kids do not have social media to post on and I like there to be options to have them participate. Print them off onto card stock or normal paper. Light the World by expressing love!

Dec 2: Wise Men Appreciation Cards

These fun cards can be printed and words of appreciation or drawing for the little kids, to be given to those who have given us guidance or blessed our life. 

Dec 4: Love your Neighbor Gift Tags


Black and White so you can color:

I thought these tags would be a fun way to attach to a little something to drop off and initiate a conversation with a neighbor!! I've made the tags in color and I've done them black and white, so you can color them. I thought it might be a fun way to get the kids involved with the coloring. You could also watercolor them. 

Dec 6: Favorite Christmas Memory Cards

This one is such a fun one!! Draw pictures or write down your favorite Christmas memory and share it with a family member or friend. This would be fun to do together as a family and see what everyone's favorite memory is.

Dec 7: Thank You Cards for Health Care Workers

Aren't we so grateful for our Health Care Workers!! Last year our boys made a sign to put in our yard to tell Health Care Workers thanks! I love the idea of giving them a card & maybe a treat as well!

Dec 9: Learning about ancestors!

Here are some ideas: Making Family History Fun for Families and Youth Last year, we had the best time, learning about our ancestors. We put a bunch of their names in a container, and then we drew them out, went to Family search and we looked at their pictures and stories.

Dec. 15th: Shining Stars

Who could you give a star to? You could punch a whole and make them into a tag or an ornament. Or just give it as is. Who has been a light in your life?

Dec 16: Feed the Hungry

There's many ways to feed the hungry!! This post has a few ideas, including these gift tags: 

Dec 17: Secret Shepherd Postcards

I thought it would be so fun to do these postcards. You can simple write on them appreciation to someone who has lovingly guided you. Then make sure you give it to them. 

Dec 22: Gifts from God Printable

It's nice to write down some of the gifts that our Heavenly Father has given us. Then we can make sure we express appreciation to him. These little cards can be colored by the kiddos and they can write or draw some of the blessings and gifts they've received from Heavenly Father. Appreciation has a profound effect on our lives, bringing more light into it.

Dec 23: Treats for a friend

These Reindeer treat are so fun to do!! You could also use the door decorations with them.

Here's the links:

Dec 24: Love Mom and Dad

A super easy way for kids to show appreciation to their parents. I actually used this card last year to show appreciation to my parent. Surprising them with the card and a treat. Here is the link to the card:

Here are some other things that could be used for Light the World. 

Here's More Light The World Ideas:

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