Christ is the Light and We can Reflect that Light to Others Handout, Great for Primary and Youth

 Christ is the Light and We can Reflect that Light to Others Handout, Great for Primary and Youth,

Recently, the primaries in our area were given approval to slowly get back to holding primary. In our area, it was asked that it be on a day other than Sunday. We also, in our Stake have started to do ward conferences. My current calling is serving the the Stake Primary presidency. As a presidency we love to visit the primaries and have really missed being able to do so! Each year when we usually visit for ward conference we like to bring a little handout and a message for the primary children. 

So, when we got the go ahead for ward conferences, we were really excited and started thinking about what we might do for a handout. Our president really liked the message of light and using glow sticks. So, I found this quote and put this little little handout together to give to the kids. I also used my painting of Christ on it as well. 

What I loved about this quote was that it spoke both of the Savior's light, as well as how we can reflect that light to others. I am so grateful for my Savior and His light! Here is the link to the talk I found the quote from: Light

We have about 400 primary children in our Stake. Which is a lot of handouts to put together. My presidency all wanted to help out, so I put them into kits, with enough printouts, glowsticks and the little things to make them bracelets. 

To put the handouts together.... 

First, Print out the handout onto card stock, there are three to a page. Since we were doing so many I sent them to a local printer it cost us around $90 for that many copies (133). 

Second, Cut them out, I used a paper cutter to do so.

Third, Put the bracelet links onto the glow stick. I found that the best way is to hold it towards the top, so you don't crack the stick. 

Forth, Attach them onto the handout. For this you could do two different things, you could cut slits and fish it through. I found this time consuming and I didn't like how it bent the paper. The other way is to just tape them on with some clear tape. This is the way I preferred. 

Then, just hand them out!

To download and print the printable, click the free download button below.

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