#StartingToday Easter Countdown

 #StartToday Easter Countdown,

How special is it, that Easter and General Conference are on the same day. For me, its even more special because it is the anniversary of when I received my patriarchal blessing, which by the way when I received it was on Easter as well. 

At the first of March, I really wanted to start focusing on preparing for Easter. I love how Light The World, is a month long focus on Christ. So my family started using these Prince of Peace cards. Then I received an email, stating that the church would be doing the #StartingToday Easter campaign. I appreciated these campaigns that help us to focus more on our Savior.

What I love about the #StartingToday Easter campaign, is that it focuses on little steps we can do a day at a time to change, to focus on the Savior and try to become a little bit more like Him. 

When I was thinking about what printable I could make, I thought about steps. Kind of like a game board that has steps that help us progress closer to our ending goal. We could think about each day, each choice we make as taking a step to our ending goal of becoming as the Savior is. 

Each day I have included an image of the Savior, that can help us think about the example He is. We can use that example and think about what we can do, to start today to do those small and simple things to be a little bit better each day.

Here is the link to the ComeUntoChrist.org, where there are several resources, to help in Easter/Conference Weekend preparation. Watch the video, sign up for the prompts and use the resources.

Here are the daily prompts starting March 28, with some thoughts and ideas:

March 28—#StartingToday I'm Taking That First Step

Jesus invites everyone to “follow [Him]” (John 12:26).

What can you do #StartingToday to take the first step in following Him? To follow Him starts by having faith in Him. Maybe you could share your testimony of the Savior. 

March 29—#StartingToday I Will See the Light 

Jesus invites us to “believe in the light” (John 12:36).

Christ is light, light is all of the good in this world. Maybe recognize some of those good things. An idea I'm going to invite my family to do is take a picture of something that is "good" and share how you can see Christ's light emulate from it. 

March 30—#StartingToday I'm Opening My Heart

Jesus invites us to “love one another” (John 13:34).

This one is such a beautiful one. One of the great commandments is to love one another. What can we do #startingtoday to open our hearts and truly love one another? Small acts of love make a huge impact.

March 31—#StartingToday I'm Letting Go

Jesus invites us to “forgive, if ye have ought against any” (Mark 11:25).

Christ is the greatest example of forgiveness. There are several stories throughout his life and ministry that stand out to me where he offered forgiveness. Pretty much every miracle included forgiveness. When he hung on the cross, he said, "Forgive them; for they know not what they do". (Luke 23:34) When he appeared to Joseph Smith, he forgave him of his sins. As we turn to him he forgives us of our sins. He asks of us to forgive as he forgives. Is there something you need to let go of? 

April 1—#StartingToday I'm Asking for Direction

Jesus taught, “Ask, and ye shall receive” (John 16:24).

Throughout the history of this world we see men and women, turn to God, asking questions and receiving divine answers. We too, will receive as we ask by faith. What questions do you have? I really like this one and will use this day for General Conference prep. I always like to encourage my children to to think about a question they have that they can take to the Lord in preparation for General Conference. I have a strong testimony that we can receive answers in General Conference.

April 2—#StartingToday I'm Taking the Leap

Jesus invites us to not be afraid (see John 14:27).

Faith and Fear can not reside in the same space. Christ invites us to have Faith and Hope. The adversary tries to cripple us with fear. What is holding us back? What can you do starting today to take the leap of faith?

April 3—#StartingToday I'm Walking the Walk

Jesus taught, “keep my commandments” (John 14:15).

When we are baptized we make the promise that we will keep the commandments. What is one commandment that we can try better at, starting today?

Easter Sunday, April 4—#StartingToday I'm Making Time for Him

Jesus invites us all to “come unto [Him]” (Matthew 11:28).

He is always there for us, do we make time for him? Starting today, make time for him, focus on him, let him into your life!

The last space on my steps, I put continue to make changes. This week of #StartingToday is not the end or the finish, it is only the beginning. Each day we can #StartToday. Each day we be a little better, a little bit more like the Savior.

Click the free download button below to print the #StartingToday Easter Countdown. Print it out onto card stock. You could frame it. You could use it like a game board and mark off each day. You could tape a piece of paper onto each space and write what you will do each day. Do what works for you and your family. These would also be great to give to the youth, ministering sisters or primary kids.

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