As I was thinking about what we might share with the people we minister to, I thought of light! Christ's light and thought that the drink SunnyD would go great with it!

When I think about Christ's light, I think about all of the goodness in the world. I think about how through His example and through His atoning sacrifice He lights the was for each of us. He shines the way even in the darkest of circumstances, He give us hope. 

I also, think about the light of Christ that is given to each of us! We can emulate Christ's light as we live a Christlike life. As we love and serve those around us we are sharing that light!

I'm sharing the tags below, just print them out onto card stock. Cut them out and attached them onto something that you think goes with light. I did SunnyD but you could do a flashlight, you could do a picture of Christ, or even a candle. 

I did these for my ministering sister and for my hubby's ministering families. But they would also be a fun thing to give to young women, or primary kiddos. Or maybe, even someone you just feel could use a little sunlight in their lives!

Click the free download button below, to download and print the tags. 

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