A Fun Handout Idea and Printable Focused on JOY, Great for Ministering, Teacher or Leadership Training & So Much More

 A Fun Handout Idea and Printable Focused on JOY, Great for Ministering, Teacher or Leadership Training & So Much More,

This pandemic sure has made us become accustomed to change. I currently, serve in our Stake Primary Presidency. Normally at this time we would have already done our summer visits with all of our wards, we would have trained our new primary presidencies, we would be sitting and listening to beautifully inspiring sacrament meeting programs and we would have done home visits for ward conferences. We have missed being about to do all of these things, we love our Primary presidencies and Primary children!!

Normally in November, we would hold leadership training with all of our presidency members. This year we decided to split it up so we could properly social distance. We felt it vital to meet, to express our love and support and have the presidencies share any concerns and questions, as well as ideas.

Our president, found this quote from President Nelson, that we thought was just perfect to handout to our Primary Presidencies and Choristers. I love it! The quote comes from a beautiful talk from October 2016 General Conference titled, "Joy and Spiritual Survival". We know that in this life we are going to experience hardships, we will get uncomfortable, our circumstances might not be ideal, but through it all, we can have Joy, as we focus on our Savior!! Another quote from the talk is, "For Latter-day Saints, Jesus Christ is joy!" I whole heartedly believe this!!

I wanted to share the printable we used on the blog. It's such an important message, especially in the world we live in today. There is hope and we can have joy!!

Click the Free Download Button below for the free printable.

I attached the printable onto an Almond Joy candy bar. I used jute on some and others I used tulle and then tied the tag on with bakers twine. You could also attach these to a bottle of Joy dish soap.

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