How to Make Come, Follow Me Work for Families

So how do we make Come, Follow Me, or Home Centered Gospel Learning work for our families? Hopefully, I can help answer that question, or at least give you some inspiration to try it and push on!

The biggest question and most frequent question I have heard is how to keep the attention of the little ones and be able to engage the older ones in more discussion as well. Though I no longer have toddler age kiddos, my children do range from nine to fifteen and I have done Family Home Evening lesson with little kiddos. As well as taught Sharing Times with multiple age groups.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags and Basket Idea

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Tags and Basket Idea,

My children have been so fortunate to have wonderful teachers!! I always like to give the teachers a little something at the end of the year. Here is what we did for this year...

May 2019 Come, Follow Me Sunday School Study Reminders

May 2019 Come, Follow Me Sunday School Study Reminders,

I've heard from several Sunday School teachers how they are concerned that not much will change and that their class members will not do their studying.  Sometimes, it just takes a little reminder!!

"The Greatest Love" Digital Watercolor (The Atonement of Jesus Christ)

"The Greatest Love" Digital Watercolor (The Atonement of Jesus Christ):

If you know me I love doing free downloads, so I'm having a hard time taking the leap and getting my shop started. So... because I appreciate all of you each so much, I decided to give you each an Easter gift and offer my digital watercolor of Christ as a free download!!

Come, Follow Me Resources for April 15–21: Easter

Come, Follow Me Resources for April 15–21: Easter

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We are loving this home centered, church supported learning! We thought we'd share some resources to help in our individual and family study, as well as church study.

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