General Conference Primary Coloring Page Handout

General Conference Primary Coloring Page Handout,

 Hey there, it has been a while since I've made a post. Life has been so busy, I am teaching Seminary, serving as Primary President and also serving as PTSA President at our local junior high school. Plus just doing all of the normal wife and mother stuff. So, the blog has a little bit been on the back burner. Though I do still make my daily Come, Follow Me message posts on Instagram and Facebook

I love to give our Primary kids something to get them excited about watching General Conference. This time I decided to just do a small coloring page. They can just color it, or use it to color the item as they listen, kind of like a "I spy". I have wanted to get these pop it bracelets for a while. So, I got them to go with the General Conference handout. I've had parents say that they would way rather a little toy, then candy to be given to their kids. This can also help quietly entertain them as well. 

I am offering the little coloring page handout as a free printable. Click the oval free download button below.

I punched a hole in the corner and strung the pop bracelet through it. I purchased the pop bracelet from Amazon. Hopefully the kids will love it.

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