Several General Conference Coloring Pages for Kids of Any Age

 Several General Conference Coloring Pages for Kids of Any Age,

The countdown is on! General Conference is in less than a week. One thing my kids have always enjoyed doing is coloring during General Conference. So, I came up with some color pages that could correlate with General Conference.

Some ideas for using the coloring pages could be: To just give them all to them and let them color at will. Or you could have them color the page when they hear it talked about during General Conference. 

Older children and youth could take notes on their color pages of things that stand out to them, that are said during General Conference.

Here are the pages:

I always love hearing about Temples during General Conference and how they can more fully bless our lives.

Our family also loves to hear about how to help our children prepare for the temple. As well as announcements of new temples to be built.

One thing that is often discussed during General Conference is  how we can follow the Savior, Jesus Christ. How we can use our talents and abilities to bless others.

Family is essential to God's plan. Though each family looks different. There are some key aspects in regards to families. Families will continue into the eternities. We can be sealed together as families. and our families help in supporting us on this journey here on earth.

We love our missionaries. We love being a missionary! To share the gospel of Jesus Christ to others is a gift unlike any other. We each are invited to participate in the gathering of Israel in these latter days.

What are some ways we can make our homes more holy? I know that during this pandemic, our homes have truly become a place of worship. We have had the opportunity to partake of the sacrament in our homes. We have had lesson, learned and helped to strengthen each others testimonies.

Ties are just a fun part of General Conference! What color and pattern do you think our apostles will be wearing?

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