Ministering Pumpkin Quote Printable Tag

 Ministering Pumpkin Quote Printable Tag,

One of my very most favorite things about fall is going to my pumpkin patch and seeing what grew. This year as I was cutting the stems I noticed that I had a bunch of these smaller pumpkins, they are just too cute!! I decided right away that I wanted to use them to give to my ministering sisters and my hubby and son to give to their ministering families. I love sharing things out of my garden with others.

I decided to make a tag to go with is. Something inspiring! So, I thought about what a pumpkin might have in common with us? That's when I thought about the lights that shine from a carved pumpkin which has a light placed inside of it.

We each have the light of Christ within us. That light shines from us as we do anything that is good. As we serve our neighbor, as we are kind to a stranger and as we live the gospel each and every day. 

Recently, in our family scripture study we learned about not hiding our light, but shining our light for others to see. Someone might need that light in their lives. 

This idea would also be great to give to a neighbor, which I also plan on doing. Other ideas would be to give to your Young Women, extended family, and friends.

Here is what I did:

Get a pumpkin (you could use a real pumpkin or a foam or plastic one)

I cleaned the pumpkins is cool water with come dish soap in it and then dried them off completely.

Next I used some fibrous twine, about 15 inches. I punched a whole in the tag and attached it to the twine. Then I tied a bow. I then cut the bow, so there were three tails on each side. I unraveled the twine so it had a frayed look to it. 

There is a space on the the tag that you could add a little note, like "From Your Ministering Sisters". I recommend writing on it before you put the tag on the pumpkin.

Now, all you have to do is go and deliver them!!

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  1. This is one of those wonderful ideas that can help bring not only a reminder of responsibility to the receiver, but also a smile in a world that has far too few of those! Thank you for sharing!


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