General Conference Workbook for Youth, Older Primary Children and Adults

 General Conference Workbook for Youth, Older Primary Children and Adults,

It's often through my husband's callings that I feel inspired to make printables. He currently, gets to serve as a Deacon's Quorum advisor. I sure love serving the youth and I am so excited for his opportunity to serve among them. 

As, I was thinking about General Conference and listening to last conference's talks, the thought came to me that it might be nice if he gave them something to help them prepare and and get the most out of this upcoming General Conference. Most of my printables are geared towards the Young Women or Primary children. So, I wanted to make something that was more geared towards the Young Men. 

The end product is so universal that it could not only be used for the Young Men, but also the Young Women, older Primary children and even adults. It would be something you could even give to those you minister to.

The cover page is simple, but could also be colored.

The first page emphasizes the importance of preparing for General Conference. We are entitled to personal revelation. It comes as we prepare, ponder, pray and come to conference intent on listening.

The next pages, are all about listening intently to the speakers and seeking to gain those answers and inspiration. There is on average 7 speakers each session of General Conference. In the packets I put together I put eight of these pages. You could print front and back if you'd like to include more. 

The final page is Go and Do. After General Conference, we can reflect on those messages and answers we have received and then we can act upon them. What things can we do differently in our life to align ourselves with what we were taught during conference.

Click below to download and print the General Conference Workbook (You can print more of the "Listen with Intent" pages)

Here is a PDF version:

I recently shared some General Conference Color Pages, click the link below to view them:

Here are some other General Conference Resources:

This is probably my favorite packet, because it comes with a promise! Great for any age!!

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