Fun Coloring Pages for Fall/Halloween!!

 Fun Coloring Pages for Fall/Halloween!!

Halloween is one of my very most favorite holidays! I love decorating for it and I love all of the fun items that represent it! That's why when I started making these coloring pages I could not stop!! I actually, have a ton more that I would like to make. So, don't be surprised if I add more pages!!

Are you more of a cutesy person or a spooky person when it comes to Halloween. I must say I lean more towards the cutesy side when I am decorating. But I do love a good scare too!!

So, let's take a look at the coloring pages... Which by the way are great for any age group. Would be fun for school, little family Halloween parties, just to keep the kiddos entertained, or to lend yourself to some quiet creativity time! 

Ghosts!! I actually came up with the ghost image last year, but finally got to put it to use this year! Isn't the ghost the classic Halloween symbol?! Color them different colors, maybe even draw some accessories for them. 

Isn't this Owl, leaves and acorns fun!! They just scream fall!! Have you ever tried watercoloring?? Print these out onto card stock or watercolor paper and take dip into so watercolor paints!!

Oh how I love pumpkins!! One of my favorite things about fall is to check out how my pumpkin patch did!! One of my sons told me that last year he counted and we had over one hundred pumpkins. I love to grow all different kinds!! My kids love the ones that are white and when turned onto their head look like ghosts. You could try something different with this color pages, paint with glue and then sprinkle some glitter onto it. 

My attempt at a scarecrow! I love corn mazes. They are just the right kind of spooky for me. 

Spiders and spider webs are another thing I absolutely love to decorate with and draw!! Webs are so mesmerizing!! When we lived in Washington, there were the most amazingly beautiful webs, spiders really are artist! Also, check out the skeleton heads, something fun would be to see how many different ways you could decorate them!

Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without a good old witch, some monsters and some trick or treating!! 

There really are so many ways you could decorate all of these pages!! Markers, color pencils, crayons, chalk, watercolors, glitter, making 3D art by adding items like colored paper. You can also, save a page as a jpeg image and upload it into a coloring program on your phone, tablet or computer and color it that way. My very most favorite program is Procreate! I love it so much that I purchased it for both my tablet and my phone (Procreatepocket). 

I would love to see your creations tag me on Instagram and Facebook! (@lifesjourneytoperfection) Or tag me #lifesjourneytoperfection #lifesjourneytoperfectioncolor.

To download and print the pages click on the free download button below:

or PDF version below (This one works better for phones and tablets)

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