Super Fun 2 Liter Pop Ghost Craft and Printable for Ministering, Neighbors and Friends

 Super Fun 2 Liter Pop Ghost Craft and Printable for Ministering, Neighbors and Friends.

The other day I was walking home from taking my kiddo to school and I was thinking about what I could do for my ministering sisters and my husband and son's ministering families, this month. That's when this idea came to my mind, to make ghosts out of two liter bottles of pop. I am super happy with how they turned out!!

I've shared a video how to make these 2 liter pop ghosts, check it out below. (For some reason the video is not showing on mobile devices. So here is a link to the video on my Instagram channel as well:

Materials needed to make the 2 Liter Pop Ghosts:

  • 2 liter pop bottle
  • Batting/Stuffing (a handful)
  • White, off white or muslin Fabric (I cut it to 27 inches. Some were not square, like 24x27, others were square 27x27. I would say probably not go shorter than 24x27, so you will cover most of the bottle.)
  • Permanent Black Marker do draw on eyes
  • String to tie to form head (10 inches)
  • Ribbon (24 inches)
  • any embelishments
  • Fun printable perfect for ministering (see Free Download Below)

I loved how these ghosts turned out. Each one is different, I used four different kinds of fabrics. The thicker fabric like the muslin were more puffy. The silky fabric hung more down. I think they are each super cute. 

For the tag, I wanted to use a quote about the Holy Ghost. I found a great BYU talk by James P Porter. I really liked the quote at that headed his talk. The Holy Ghost is such a blessing! Our Heavenly Father loves us so much that he provided us with the Holy Ghost to guide us, to comfort us, to witness to us and so much more!! The key is to recognize the whisperings of the spirit in our lives. I left a spot at the bottom of the tag where you could leave a little message or just your name.

Click the Free download below to download the tag:

These fun ghosts could be used in so many ways!! Take them to you Ministering Sisters and families. Use them as a neighbor gift. Do you have a friend who would love a little pick me up? What about a family member?? Our Teachers need to know how much they are appreciated right now! Both school teachers and church teachers, this would be a fun gift to show them some love.

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