Digital Watercolor Printable of First Presidency and Twelve Apostles

Digital Watercolor Printable of First Presidency and Twelve Apostles:

When I saw the picture of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in Rome in front of the Christus Statue and the statues of the original twelve apostles, I knew that I had to do a digital watercolor of it! 

What a momentous event to have all of them in Rome for the dedication of the temple. How blessed we are to live in a time of prophets and apostles. I loved hearing each of their testimonies on the social media channels and the video of them reciting "The Living Christ", while in Rome.

General Conference is coming up and I am so excited to listen to their messages. How amazing is it to be taught the words of the Lord! The other day I used this watercolor to help my children learn the apostles and First Presidency. I had them guess who was who. I know that they listen so much better to conference when they recognize the leader. 

For a limited time I am offering this digital watercolor as a free pdf download. 

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