How to Make General Conference a Family Event!!

Check out these ways to Make General Conference a Family Event...

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For me, the month before General Conference is like the month before Christmas! I can hardly wait for it to get here!! So, why do I love conferences so much??? It's a) receiving guidance and knowledge from God's prophets and b) being together as a family while listening to this counsel!

Below are some resources to help make General Conference a family event...

Prepare as a family....

Weeks leading up to General Conference, have Family Home Evenings that focus on prophets, revelation, the Holy Ghost, Guidance from Heavenly Father, etc. Here are so great places to find some FHE for just that:

Growing Up With Conference Ebook
This ebook is chuck full of ideas all about General Conference. It's fun to see the pictures they place throughout the book of them growing up with General Conference. As well as the memories they made as they shared conference together as a family. 

Picture courtesy of "Growing Up With Conference Ebook"
You will find in the ebook, several FHE ideas about conference, as well as activity ideas for during and after conference and some fun yummy recipes!! Seriously, guys there are SO many ideas in this book! There are ideas for every age group too. I think some of my favorites were the activity ideas for during conference! I of course loved the General Conference journals and I also liked the General Conference Bags! To purchase the ebook visit Amazon or Book's & Things.

I have several ideas on the blog to help prepare for General Conference, including some Sharing Time ideas, that can be easily converted to Family Home Evenings.

A round up of tons of ideas to prepare for, during and after conference.

Sharing General Conference Together as a family...

Here are some fun ideas of things you could do together as a family to make General Conference memorable:

Have a family meal tradition. We seem to have a tradition of going over to my parents house for some dutch oven dinner and to watch a session of General Conference together. It's fun to have good food and make extended family memories!

We also have a tradition for the Priesthood session. The guys all attend the session and go out to eat afterwards, while us girls we take the rest of the kiddos and go out to eat and then come back to the house and watch a movie or talk, while the kiddos play.

Another tradition we have, is before conference begins my boys gather up coloring/activity books, some quiet games, & books and meet ready in their spots in our family room to watch General Conference together. 

Before conference they are asked to think of a question they have for Heavenly Father and then to think of that question, listen to conference, and see if they receive an answer to their question. It's amazing, everyone always seems to receive an answer. 

Check out the Growing Up With Conference Ebook to see some of their fun traditions! Especially their yummy recipes. (Amazon, Book's & Things)

Red Headed Hostess has some super fun packets, to keep the kiddos entertained during General Conference too!!

Have you ever thought about attending a session of conference at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City?!? It is such a neat experience, my sister in law, mother and I did this once for the Women's Session and it was the neat.

The people at Temple Square have put together and amazing Guide to Attending General Conference. It is such a great resource, it has everything you would ever need to know about visiting Temple Square and attending General Conference. Here is a guide to all you need to know about Temple Square. 

Applying the Teachings of General Conference into our family Life...

When those two days of being spiritual fed are over, what do you do next??? You apply those teaching into your lives, right!! 

One thing that we love to do is, after Conference is over, we discuss what was our kids favorite talks. Then, I often plan a Family Home Evening around those talks. We continue to learn from them. Here are samples of those Family Home Evenings: Family Home Evening on Going To The RescueGeneral Conference April 2015: A Focus on Elder Holland's TalkFamily Home Evening on Oct. 2014 General Conference Talk by Elder Ballard "Stay in the Boat and Hold on!"

Some of my friends have shared, that they order the General Conference Edition of the Ensign for each of their Family Members. That way each family member has their own copy that they can read and mark and take notes in. 

I also, love when the church comes out with the Mormon Messages that are based on the General Conference talks. My kids love watching those and will often ask to watch them either for FHE, during scripture time, or if they have time in the morning before school. 

To Sum Things UP...

General Conference can be a GREAT way to make memories as a family. It is our responsibility as parents to make sure our children are spiritually nurtured. As they see that the teachings of the prophets are important to us, it will be important to them. They will be just excited as we are when it comes time for General Conference. I know that this is true with my kids! They get so excited when General Conference time rolls around!! 

I'd love to hear what traditions you have as a family for General Conference, share them in the comments below!!  If you'd like to see more.... Follow my Pinterest General Conference Page and/or Follow me on Instagram and Facebook (you know I'll be posting some pictures of our General Conference Family Time coming up)


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