General Conference April 2015: A Focus on Elder Holland's Talk

As we sat and watched conference as a family, I looked at my children during Elder Holland's talk and saw my three boys with their eyes glued to the screen.  They were not drawing, they were not playing, but they were intently listening.  As their mom, it filled me with so much happiness!

When last night for Family Home Evening, I asked them to draw a picture of something they learned from General Conference.  They each drew a picture of the cliff and the two brothers from Elder Holland's story.  Here is what two of my kiddos drew:

I also loved this talk that Elder Holland gave.  The analogy between the two brothers, the cliff and salvation, compared to our mortal life here on earth.  My gratitude is so grand to my Savior for reaching out to me and helping over my "cliffs" in this life.  I know that throughout my life there will be many times when I will fall short. Many times when I will need His help.  As I think of my Savior, the suffering and sacrifice He made for me and for all that have and will live on this earth, I am filled with the warmth and confirming power that comes through the Holy Ghost.  This is one reason I love conference so much.  Each time I listen I am not only instructed, but my testimony grows firmer. As I listen to God's special witnesses testify of Him and the Savior, I receive that personal confirmation.  

Here is a link to Elder Holland's General Conference talk April 2015: Elder Holland's Talk

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