Family Home Evening on What did we learn from General Conference and How can we Live it...

For tonight's Family Home Evening the topic in which I have chosen is: 

What did we learn from General Conference and How can we Live it...

Preparation: I hope and pray that you can use these ideas as a guideline and adjust them to the needs of your own specific family.  Our prophet President Monson says, "We cannot afford to neglect this heaven-inspired program. It can bring spiritual growth to each member of the family, helping him or her to withstand the temptations which are everywhere. The lessons learned in the home are those that last the longest. On there are resources available in helping to make your Family Home Evenings successful, here is a link to that site on Family Home Evenings.

Invite a member of the family member say the prayer

Sing: "Come, Listen to a Prophet's Voice", Hymnal # 21

Discuss any family business

Follow-up with last weeks FHE.

Family Home Evening Instruction: 

Read, "The living prophets and apostles receive revelation to guide the Church, and their counsel reflects the will of the Lord, who knows us perfectly and understands our challenges. Their teachings can help us with the challenges we face today. We are blessed to be led by living prophets and apostles and to receive their counsel every six months during general conference." (

Give each family member a piece of paper, for younger children invite them to draw something that stood out to them during General Conference.  For older children, youth and adults invite them to write down some feelings and direction they received from General Conference.  Share these with each other.  Determine how each member can follow the counsel and directions they received during General Conference.

Close by sharing your testimony. 

Close with a Family Prayer.

For More Family Home Evening Ideas Click this Link: Family Home Evening Ideas


  1. Love this follow up Conference activity. It's important to teach our kids to listen to General Conference but it's more important to teach them how to live the teachings from it. Great idea.

    1. Thanks Camille!! I love doing FHE after conference, so many fun talks to discuss!


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