A Family Home Evening at SeaQuest Aquarium

Find below a Family Home Evening at SeaQuest Aquarium...

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I recently had the opportunity last Monday Evening, to attend and tour the local SeaQuest Aquarium in Layton, Utah. My kids had such an enjoyable experience that I thought I would share how you could turn your visit to SeaQuest Aquarium into a Family Home Evening.

Family Home Evening Idea

Before leaving for SeaQuest...


Invite a family member to say a prayer


Discuss as a family how much our Heavenly Father must love us, that he created this beautiful world for us, with all of the animals, creatures and vegetation that they might enjoy it! 

Discuss how this world and everything the Savior created upon it is a blessing to us and we can show our appreciation to our Heavenly Father by treating those things with respect.

Explain that you are going to go visit the SeaQuest Aquarium, where they will be able to have an interactive experience with some of the animals. Encourage them to learn about them, treat them with respect and understand God's love for them!


As a family visit the SeaQuest Aquarium in Layton, Utah. SeaQuest is being so gracious and will be offering discount passes to my followers, find the discount code below under "Tips"!! Yay!!

Give each child a Look and Find card. See how many animals they can find. It might be a great idea to laminate them ;)

Enjoy spending time as a family making memories!! Be sure to take lots of pictures and journal about your experience as you go, or when you're done.

You could spend hours in the aquarium, I had to bribe my kids with dinner to get them to leave.

SeaQuest Aquarium Tips

Purchase your discount tickets HERE, make sure you enter the coupon code LIFESJOURNEY25 for your 25% off day passes (code expires on March 31, 2017)

Wear a short sleeved shirt (My kiddo wore a sweatshirt and was soaked)

If you are doing the fish pedicures wear either pants that can be rolled up or shorts

Feeding the sharks.... They are more active in the morning. But, we were able to get the sharks in the shark tank to feed by holding the food up towards the top of the water and then lifting it up slightly. This way you will be able to touch them.

Ask Questions!! There are amazing people there to answer any questions you have about the animals! They love them and treat them like family.

When in with the birds, scoot your feet and move carefully.

Bring some money so the kids can feed the animals! My kids loved feeding the sting rays,  and the sharks. It is 1 token per container of food.

It's best to use the two fingers, soft touch down the back rule!!

Treat Ideas
Either make blue jello, by some blue ice cream, or frost some cookies or cupcakes blue & then let your kiddos decorate them with candy fish. 

If you do not live in Utah, you could do something similar to this FHE, by visiting your local aquarium or zoo.

Thank you so much for dropping by!! If you'd like more fun family fun ideas, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also check out more Family Home Evening ideas HERE!


  1. I keep meaning to go. It looks SO fun and I love aquariums. I'm dying to try the fish pedicure.

    1. It is so much fun!! The fish pedicures are pretty cool! I'd definitely do it again :)

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