How to Make a Paper Mailbox out of 2 Sheets of Card Stock!!

How fun would these be for Valentines Day?!? Each family member could make one and you could leave each other little messages and treats! Or you could use it for March Week 1 Primary Sharing Time!  Or what a fun thing to make for the kids at school and have them decorate them, the options are endless....

Here's how to make it....

First you will need two sheets of card stock, a glue gun and glue sticks, a brad, and scissors.

Print on one sheet of card stock this Free PDF Download (note there are two options):

After you have printed out your template, you will need to cut out all of the pieces. If you are going to color or paint on the mailbox, now would be an easy time to do so.  

Time to put it all together!!

First you will take your full 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of card stock and bend it onto the edges of the 4.25 x 8.5 sized sheet.

Place a bead of glue with the hot glue gun onto the edge of the 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper and quickly place the other sheet of paper onto it, now do the same to the other side. It should look like the picture above. The bottom piece will be on the inside.

This part is a little bit more tricky. You will place a bead of glue along the inside edges and them quickly put the back piece into position. Re-applying glue if needed. Hopefully that make sense, it should look like the above picture.

The front piece, you will need to make a crease on the dotted line.

You will also need to fold the little tab piece that has the 3 sections on the dotted, lines back and forth. Hot glue the tab to the front piece so the folds will look like the picture above. Then glue the front piece, where you folded on the bottom, onto the bottom of the mail box, so it can open and shut. 

Next is adding the flag. Poke a hole into the flag (I used a thumb tack to do this, then with the thumb tack still in, I poked a hole into the mailbox, where I thought the flag should go). Then place the brad into the flag and the mailbox and secure into place. This will make it so the flag can go up and down, signifying when mail (aka messages and treats) are in the box.

On the mail box above, I used the plain template and just added scrapbook paper accents with a glue stick.

Ready to add that mail, treats and messages!!

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