General Conference Find It Handout and Color Page for Primary

 General Conference Find It Handout and Color Page for Primary,

General Conference time is my favorite time!! I love listening to our Prophet, apostles and church leaders share their inspired messages.

While serving in Primary, I have loved coming up with something to give to our Primary children to help them think about General Conference.

Here are some of the handouts that we have given for previous General Conferences,

These bingo cards are super fun! They can either color the pictures when they hear them during conference. Or they can cover the image with a fruit snack or other marker.

This is a one page activity page, that can help keep the children entertained and listening during General Conference.

We gave this last General Conference and the Primary children were so excited!! For one they were excited about the see it game they could do during conference. But they were also super excited about the little pop it toy. We ordered them on Amazon and they were actually pretty inexpensive. Just as cheap as giving them a treat. 

For this General Conference, I wanted to give them an activity and another little toy item rather than a treat or candy. With it being Easter the week after, I wanted to just combine the handout. So, I decided on a Find It activity page, an Easter coloring page and a fidget toy.

I ordered the fidget straws on Amazon, it came in a container of 72. They came out to be around 25 cents a piece, which I felt was a great deal. I've noticed that the Primary children like little Find It pages, so I created one, with a home scene. Click the gray Free Download button below to print it. I printed it out onto card stock and then punched a hole in the top corner to attach the fidget straw.

I found a great Easter coloring page on the church's website. I shrunk it down and put it four to a page, so it would be the same size as the Find It paper. I attached that to the fidget straw as well. I am not sharing the file one here for the color page, but if you would like it, just send me an email to

I am also encourage our Primary children to listen to General Conference. The next time we meet in Primary, we will provide time for the Primary children to share some of their favorite stories and messages from General Conference.

Thank you for stopping by, if you'd like more General Conference ideas, check these out:

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