Tips you don't want to miss for Come, Follow Me study this week with you Family, Seminary or Youth Class! Matthew 1 and Luke 1

 Tips you must use for Come, Follow Me study this week with you Family or Class! Matthew 1 and Luke 1,

There are a couple things that really help me with Come, Follow Me. The first one is studying myself. Each day, I decide on something in the week's study, to do some further study on and this often includes relating it to my life and sharing on instagram and facebook

This week, on Monday, I felt so strongly that what I wanted to share was the beautiful relationship of Mary and Elisabeth. I also really wanted to create an image of that relationship. So at like almost twelve o'clock at night, I started to draw the image. I knew my ipad was almost out of batteries, so I used my phone and the program procreate pocket and drew the picture with my finger. It probably would have turned out better using my ipad and pencil to draw, but I still loved how it turned and felt like I was inspired in my thoughts I shared. 

I would like to share the image with you, so you can use it with your family and in your classes. Click the oval Free Download button below, to download and print.

The second thing that helps me with Come, Follow Me, is the opportunity to sub in seminary. I learn so much the days I get to teach. I am also blown away sometimes, when inspiration comes as to what and how to teach the classes. Today, I knew I would be teaching from Matthew 1 and Luke 1. I decided to focus on the people. I made sheets with each person, their name and a couple questions. The questions were, what is their story? and what are their attributes? 

I separated the class into five groups and gave each group one of the papers. They were to read the references I gave them and then in their group answer the questions, so they could teach the rest of the class about the person. I loved this activity! I actually, love having them work together and I love having them teach the class. 

You could also use these ideas to help with family discussion or in your Sunday school or youth class. You could also break it up with your family and learn about a person a day. What ever works best for your family. 

We also focused on Christlike attributes. Each class member was given a worksheet to answer the questions on their own. Then I wanted them to share in their groups a person the recognized Christlike attributes in. I had a few share with the whole class. I really loved hearing what the attributes were that they recognized in others and who they recognized them in. There were a lot who said, their bishop, their grandma, a parent or young womens leaders. 

Click on the oval free download button below for the worksheets about the people in the scriptures and the Christlike attribute worksheet. 

The last thing we did in class was a fun one. I felt with it being the first day back from winter break they really needed something fun. This would be great to use in a family setting or a youth activity and could be used with any week of scripture study. 

I had these crocheted snowballs my mom had made for us years ago. If you don't have snowballs, no problem. You can do the same thing with a ball, bean bag or crumpled up paper. I thought the snowballs would be fun, because it is winter. I divided the class into two teams. Then had one player from each team come up. I had a stool and on it I placed one of the snowballs in the center. I had previously made some questions to go with this week's study. I read the question and whoever grabbed the snowball and answered the question first, got to play for points for their team. You could also give them points for answering the question correctly. To play for points I had a container at the front of the room. I gave them four snowballs and they were to stand back probably 10 or so feet. If they made the snowball in the container it was 10 points. We had some go in and then bounce out so I told them I would give them 5 points for those. The team with the most points at the end wins. It was a fun way to learn about the scriptures. 

Here are the questions and the accompanying answers (the answers all come from this week's study:

  • Who was the baby who was born to prepare the way for Jesus? (answer: John the Baptist)
  • Who is John the Baptist mom? (answer: Elisabeth)
  • Who is John the Baptist dad? (answer: Zacharias)
  • What happened to Zacharias when he found out his wife would have a child? (answer: He was made dumb and unable to speak)
  • What was the angel’s name who visited Zacharias? (answer: Gabriel)
  • Who was Jesus’ mom? (answer: Mary)
  • Who was Mary’s espoused husband? (answer: Joseph)
  • What was the angels name who visited Mary and Joseph? (answer: Gabriel)
  • What does Emmanuel mean? (answer: God with us)
  • What was Jesus to save his people from? (answer: their sins)
  • What relation is Elisabeth to Mary? (answer: cousin)
  • What happened when Zacharias wrote John’s name upon the writing tablet? (answer: his mouth was opened immediately and he began to speak and praise God)
I love studying from the New Testament, because it is so focused on Christ!! I am excited to see how our testimonies of the Savior can grow throughout this year!

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