Christmas Mingle Bingo: A Great Group Activity for Seminary, Family Parties, Youth or Relief Society!

 Christmas Mingle Bingo: A Great Group Activity for Seminary, Family Parties, Youth or Relief Society!

In the fall, I was teaching seminary every day and one of the activities I thought would be fun for my classes would be to do a Fall Mingle Bingo. I was very happy with how it worked in my classes!! It was a great way to get the students engaged, out of their seats and getting to know their fellow classmates. If you would like the fall one, here is the link: Fall Mingle Bingo

I decided to make a Christmas one. With being a seminary sub, unless you are scheduled for a long stretch of time, you never know when you will be teaching. I was thinking I was going to be teaching the other day and wanted an engaging activity, so I made the Christmas Mingle Bingo. It also would be so fun to use for a youth activity or even a Relief Society activity. Some of the funnest Relief Society activities I have been to are the ones where you are getting to know the other sisters. It also would be fun for an extended family party. 

I have two options to print. First is a full size and the other is two to a page. I just print them out onto normal or colored paper. There is no need to do card stock.  Click the oval grey free download buttons below, to download and print the cards:

Full Sheet Christmas Mingle Bingo Card:

Two to a Page Christmas Mingle Bingo Cards:

I guess, first though, I should probably tell you how to use them. Each person will receive a bingo card. The instructions given, would be for them to talk to the fellow classmates or family members. Asking them which one of the squares describes them. Then that person will write their name on that square. I usually tell them to make sure that they get everyone's name in the class on their card, before they have anyone sign it twice. We play for blackout. Once they get blackout, they can come and get a treat from me. I like to be involved in it too, so they can come and ask me and I will sign one of the squares. 

It really is such a great activity. I really like how they get to know something about each class member. After we play, we usually talk about some of them. Like I would ask, "How many of you loves eggnog?" Then it leads to some more discussion of why or why not. 

I hope that you find this useful and have fun using it in your classes or parties.

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