Two Great Halloween Activity Pages That Are Essential For Your Next Party!

 Two Great Halloween Activity Pages That Are Essential For Your Next Party! 

Life has been so busy lately!! You should see my kitchen, usually I never let dishes pile up in both sides of my sink. But between teaching seminary again, planning a ward party and just life with kids, I've fallen behind a little on those every day house duties. With being so busy, I haven't been posting on here regularly. I had some much interest in both of these activity pages, that I really wanted to get them posted on here. So, if you can use them this year great! If not this year, make sure you save them or pin them for next year.

In our ward, each of the auxiliary presidents get assigned to help plan our ward parties. Primary's turn was the fall/Halloween party. I have actually planned several of these over the years, which made it easier this go around. I really wanted to get as many members in the ward helping with the party as possible. We did a soup/chili cookoff, with members of our ward and community signing up to bring soups and rolls. We got some really delicious donuts from Walmart's bakery for desert. Then we asked each of the Young Women and Young Men classes to be in charge of an activity that the Primary children could rotate through. Our nursery leader made a cute pumpkin piƱata, that the kids loved! Our girls in primary activities, made our center pieces, they made cute toilet paper pumpkins and were so excited about them. Elders Quorum helped with clean up. The whole thing turned out so great!! 

To set up for it, I found these super cute black and white plaid table clothes on Amazon. I used fall colored card stock to place in the middle, then placed the pumpkins on them. We also placed fall leaves around them. Then I created these activity pages that we used as placemats at each spot. I also purchased little packages of crayons. It was such a fun night and we received many complements on how it went.

Click the free download button below for the Halloween activity page printable.

As I said, I am teaching seminary again. With my oldest leaving on a mission I took a little break until he left. I have been subbing a class and get to be with them for six weeks. I love it. I wanted to do something fun before they left for a long weekend break with Halloween. I also had both early morning seminary classes on Friday, so I wanted to do a fun getting to know each other activity. So, I made these Fall Mingle Bingo pages. It worked so great in each one of my classes. It was fun to see them off their phones and walking around talking to each other. Since I was making so many, I actually printed them in black and white and on orange paper. But if you are doing it for a smaller group you could do the colored version. If you are printing it black and white, then just change your printing options to that. I had them get black out and when they did they could come show me for a treat.

Click the free download button below for the Fall Mingle Bingo.

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