Showing Gratitude by Decorating a Thankful Door with These Fun Fall Fox Printables

 Showing Gratitude by Decorating a Thankful Door with These Fun Fall Fox Printables,

One of my families favorite things to do is to choose someone, to go and decorate their doors for the holidays! We have done, Easter, Valentine's Day and Christmas!! I was thinking about Thanksgiving and came up with these designs!! 

Something that I thought would be so fun to do, is to write on each of the printable pieces, something that you are thankful for that person or family for! Or you could write just on the leaves. Really it is up to you.

This would be fun to do to family members, neighbors, ministering sister or families, the Bishopric, a teacher or youth leaders could do it on the doors of their youth. There really are so many options!! Think of someone you are grateful for and then go decorate their door and show that appreciation!! Click the Free Download button below to print out the Thankful for You Door Decorating Pieces:

Another thing that is fun to do is to leave a treat with it! Some fun fall treats could be anything to do with pumpkin!! Pumpkin rolls, pumpkin pie, pumpkin squares, pumpkin cookies, or pumpkin seeds!! You could do these fun Turkey's made from a can of chips, or you could do these Turkey's made from a can of nuts. I've made these cute Thank You Fall Fox cards that you could use to put with the treat. You could use it as a card, or a tag. Both printables are on the download, just choose which page you'd like to print. Click the Free Download button below to print the cards or tags:

I have found that gratitude can change our lives! It can bring more happiness into our lives as we focus on what and who we are grateful for. When we show appreciation then it makes two peoples lives more happier!! The person we show appreciation to and ourselves!! That is something that I love about the month of November as we prepare for Thanksgiving, there is a little bit more focus on being thankful!!

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