The Cutest Turkey Canned Chips Craft and Thankful Tag Printable, Great for Ministering!

 The Cutest Turkey Canned Chips Craft and Printable, Great for Ministering!

You guys!!! I am having so much fun coming up with things each month to share with our ministering families!! This month, I knew I wanted to do a turkey. So, I thought, what could I make a turkey out of? Chips!! Who doesn't love chips! Plus, I love using canned chips to craft with, check out my Canned Chip Snowmen, that I always seem to make for someone each year. 

Don't you love Thanksgiving!! The focus on all that we are grateful for. When we focus on all that we do have, all that we have been blessed with, we can't help but have more joy in our lives. I seriously am so grateful for each of our ministering families, I just love them so much. Ministering is such a great way to build friendships! So, that's why I like to share something with them each month, to show my love and gratitude for them! We all have a desire to be seen, seen and loved for who we are. Sister Craig stated, "Even in our busy lives, we can follow the example of Jesus and see individuals—their needs, their faith, their struggle, and who they can become." (Eyes to See)

Onto, creating these fun and tasty turkeys. I decided to use craft paper for the body. It super inexpensive too. I got a whole roll from the dollar store. Then, I created the "turkey pieces" on my ipad and made a cute "Thankful" tag to go on the lid.

So, onto how to make the Turkeys...

I've made a little tutorial video:

Here's the link

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • A can of chips
  • Brown/tan craft paper (a paper bag would work too, or scrapbook paper) 8 3/4 by 10 in
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Turkey printable or template (see free download buttons for printables below)
  • Ribbon or Jute for embellishments
  • Thankful Tag Printable (see free download button below)
  • Card stock to print the printables onto
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Optional: scrapbook paper

So, there are a few ways you could use the printables. The first printable is all ready to go! You just print onto card stock, cut out and glue onto your turkey base. 

Click Free Download Button Below for this Printable:

The next printable is a template. Maybe you would like to use your own scrapbook paper or maybe you would like to get the kids involved in coloring the "turkey pieces". To use them as a template, print onto card stock & cut them out (you will only need to cut one feather out to use as a template) then trace onto scrapbook paper of you choosing. It is better if you used thicker scrapbook paper, our you could glue them onto the templates to make them more sturdy. If you are going to color them, which would be super fun for the kids, then just print out onto card stock, and then let them be creative, coloring or even painting each piece, then cut out and glue onto the turkey base.

Click the Free Download Button below for the Template:

To finish off our Turkey we need a gift tag. The gift tag also serves as a topper for the turkey. It will be taped or glued onto the chip lid. It's a great way to express appreciation for whoever you will be giving it to. You can personalize it by writing the persons name and that it is from you.

Click the free download button below for the Thankful gift tag:

I'd love to see your turkey creations, so tag me #lifesjourneytoperfection @lifesjourneytoperfection on social media, or message or email me a picture!! Email:

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