Light The World Bingo 2020 Edition One by One

 Light The World Bingo 2020 Edition,

I love participating in and seeing others participate in #LightTheWorld each year. There is so much goodness and light, it may be when we are the most like our Savior.

Here's the link to the 2021 Bingo Cards!!!

Since, 2018 I have made a Light The World Bingo printable. My kids really got into it last year. It was so fun hearing about the things they did during the day at school to serve others. Our home became a home of service as we served each other. One of my kiddos asked be if we would be doing the bingo cards again this year. I asked him if he'd like to and he said yes, so they seem to be a success, at least in my home.

One of the things my kids did during last years was make a piece of art that represented the Savior. I love seeing their creativity. My youngest made this puzzle of Christ. One night, I saw a little note sitting on my husbands nightstand from one of our kids. I just loved seeing these sweet actions that brought my kids focus more on our Savior.

Another thing they did was write letters to the missionaries, then we took pictures of them and emailed them to all of the missionaries serving from our ward. 

This year, I tried to correlate it the best I could to the Light The World calendar. Of course I had to alter somethings slightly, so they would be more applicable to children. My kiddos do not have social media, so I made the service ideas more applicable for those who do not have social media. As well as things that even little kiddos could participate in. Click here for the link to the Light the World Calendar. There are also many other resources, including videos on the Light the World website, go check them out.

I also invited my nieces and nephews to participate with doing the Light the World Bingo last year. You could even offer an incentive. For my kiddos, if they got black out I had a treat awaiting them. Even though service is a reward in itself, sometimes it's still fun to get a little incentive. Whether a treat or a fun activity to do together as a family.

To download you Light The World Bingo card and markers, click the free download buttons below (They are best if printed onto card stock):

Here's the BW version

I've also decided to condense them into one page. The Bingo card will be smaller, half a page and the markers will be on the same page. This could be helpful when giving them to a big primary. I printed these off and gave them to all of my nieces and nephews. I told them that if they get black out I will have a treat for them, like a box candy or a can of chips. Click the free download button below to download and print:

I've had some ask for just the bingo card side by side on one sheet, so here you go!! These would be fun to handout with your own makers like stickers. As always, click the free download button below to print.

As we serve and love those around us, we will draw closer to our Savior and enjoy focusing more on those things He would want us to do during the Christmas season!

I'd love to see the things you are doing to Light the World!! Make sure you share them on social media and use the hashtags, #LightTheWorld, #OnebyOne and #LifesjourneytoPerfection

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  1. Love this Bingo card! May I distribute copies to families in my ward?

    1. Yes, Please do :) All of my printables on my blog can be used for church and personal purposes. Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and talent! Your Light the World Bingo is just the thing we need to take to our Activity Day boys tomorrow. :)


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