The Santa Box Movie Review, Free Printable and Giveaway!!

 The Santa Box Movie Review and Giveaway!!

This post is sponsored, all thoughts are 100% my own, I was able to view this movie in order to review it. See full disclosure.

It snowed here the other day, which somehow got me into the Christmas spirit. I think that snow just does that to you. We haven't broken out the Christmas tree or decorations yet, but I have been playing Christmas songs on the ukulele and piano. I was really excited to review The Santa Box movie and be a part of the Blog Tour!

When my youngest kiddo got home from school yesterday, we popped some popcorn, got out our warm Christmas blankets and watched this movie together. It was the perfect movie to watch with him, we laughed and even shed a few tears as the movie went on. It also gave us some things to talk about when the movie was finished.

Have you ever felt like the world is stacked against you, or that you must just have the worst luck ever? I know that my hubby has said he has felt that way. He kinda does have bad luck. We just know that if he purchases something, there is probably going to be something wrong with it. In The Santa box movie, a cute, spunky girl Kallie Watts thinks that she has a Christmas curse, bad things just always seem to happen around Christmas to those she loves.

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This sweet story address this curse and puts a spin on what Christmas is really about. Kindness and seeing people for who they really are. One of the quotes I loved from the movie is, "To err is human, to forgive, divine" This quote originally came from Alexander Pope, An Essay On Criticism. Forgiveness is a Christlike attribute, one that we need in our life. We see how Kallie must learn from her dear friend Otto and open her heart to forgiveness. 

Where does that Santa Box come in? It is a box that quite literally has the ability to change lives. Kallie uses it to bless the lives of others and in return her life is probably the most drastically blessed by it. This cute movie is a family must see for the holidays. I love movies that are not only entertaining, but also carry an important message with them.

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