A Family Home Evening on Service & How to #LIGHTtheWORLD

A month ago my husband and I were able to travel to Salt Lake to attend an influencer meet-up to introduce the 2016 Christmas Initiative #LIGHTtheWORLD. I immediately knew that I would be having a Family Home Evening to get my children involved! Which, just so happens to go so well with a couple of the days of the 25 days, 25 ways calendar. It could go with Day 2- Jesus Honored His Parents and So Can You; Day 11- Jesus Ministered to Children and So Can You; Day 12- Jesus Taught Others and So Can You. and Day 22- Jesus Showed Gratitude and So Can You. You will see why as you read through the FHE.

Lately, I keep hearing the same thing, that the responsibility to teach my children the gospel, lies with me & my husband! It is our responsibility as parents! We are to pattern our lives after the Savior. The Savior lived a life of Service. He was constantly serving his Father as well as all of God's children. If the principle of service was so important in the Savior's life, it must be important to teach our children. I felt in the Family Home Evening, it would be important to not only teach the importance of service, but also to have an opportunity for express my gratitude for my children and spotlight them for their great efforts. As part of the Christmas Initiative, there are several bloggers who have come together and made some amazing resources to help participating in lighting the world that much easier and fun!

Here are the wonderful websites hosting these ideas {click on the images to go to their sites}:

I love each one of these ideas and will probably use each one during the month at some point!! But, for my Family Home Evening, I decided to incorporate, the "Thumps Up Tickets" by Lisa Valentine Clark, featured by Lolly Jane. As well as the "Family Service Jar" by My Computer is My Canvas, featured by The Read Headed Hostess. They were just perfect for what I wanted to teach my kiddos about!

So, here you go.... our Family Home Evening:

Family Home Evening on Service & how to #LIGHTtheWORLD

Listen to the Song: "Shine on" (for family with younger kids) or "Shine on" (on the youth page, scroll down, song by David Osmond)

Prayer by member of the family

Scripture: Matthew 5:16 "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

Show the following Video:

Discussion: Ask Family members who the light of the world is?  Discuss how the Savior is the Light of the World and because we are to strive to be like Him, we can light the world too. Ask your family members how they can do this?

CLICK HERE to download these adorable printables

Activity: Show your family the Jar and the Service and Kindness Strips. Explain that as they follow the Savior's example and show service or kindness towards others, they can write their service down on one of the strips, then using a pencil they can curl the strip up and place it in the jar. Explain that you would love to have it filled up, by Christmas!  Invite your family to share ideas of how they can serve. Decide on something that you can do as a family.

CLICK HERE to download these fun "Thumbs up Tickets"

Also, explain that during the next month, as they are caught doing things that you think are pretty neat, you have special "Thumbs up Tickets", which you will be giving out. When they receive a "Thumbs up Ticket", is means you appreciate what they have done! Sometimes, there might be a little treat attached to it too.

Close by sharing with your family your testimony on the importance of Service.

Closing Prayer

TREAT TIME!!! FHE wouldn't be complete without some kind of treat right!! We made these candle treats.

To make them you will need:

Pretzel sticks
White Chocolate morsels
orange or yellow and red candy melts

Melt white chocolate morsels in the microwave for 30 seconds, then stir. heat 15 minutes more, stir, continue until melted. Dip pretzels into the chocolate. Then place them on wax paper or a plastic drying sheet. Melt the candy melts in a plastic baggy. Then snip off one end of the baggy and at one end of the pretzel draw on a flame with the candy melts. Place in fridge for a few minutes and then enjoy.


For more ideas of how you can participate in this years Christmas initiative visit Mormon.org!!!

Also if you have youth or are a youth leader, check out this Youth Activity Idea and how to get the youth involved in sharing their light!


  1. I love how you combined different printables to teach and involve your family!! So creative, thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you Colette! It was great getting to use other's printables and not having to create them myself ;) Thanks for sharing them!

  2. I love how you combined these two printables! Thanks for the FHE idea!


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