Combined Youth Service Activity: More than 25 Ways the Youth can Share Their Lights and #LIGHTtheWORLD

Wondering how you, your children, or your youth group can take part in the 2016 Christmas Initiative to #LIGHTtheWORLD? Then this post is for you..

One thing that I absolutely love about serving with the youth is that they have a special kind of light. The youth can have a great influence on those around them, especially their peers. This month our deacons quorum was in charge of our combined mutual activity and they decided to do a service project. Which just so happened to provide a perfect avenue to introducing the Christmas Initiative for this year, by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The initiative is #LIGHTtheWORLD.

I was excited to be able to do a little presentation at our combined mutual night. Our activity went perfect with the 25 ways in 25 days, DAY 1: Jesus Lifted Other's Burdens and So Can You.

Here is what I presented to the youth:

A portrait of Christ in a simple white robe in front of a plain neutral background, looking out at the viewer.
Light of the World, by Brent Borup found on

(Show picture of the Savior) 

The Savior is the LIGHT! He illuminates the path back to our Heavenly Father. At Christmas time we bring more focus in our lives upon the birth of the Savior and what that birth means. Christ, the son of God came to earth to shine a light of example of how to live our lives. Think for one minute of something the Savior did in his life that was an example to you personally. You can follow the Savior's example and be a light to others. Each of us was born with the light of Christ. We each have a light, a light to do good and to share with those around us. I am going to show you some pictures of Christ, being an example and sharing his light. As I click on each one, share with me some ways you can follow his example and share your light. 
Mark 2:1–12, Jesus heals man with palsy
Picture found on

Some ideas given by the youth were forgiveness and healing. We can forgive those around us. We can visit the sick and comfort them. 
Mark 5:22–43, Christ converses with a woman of great faith
Picture Found on

To our youth this picture represented the Savior visiting with a widow. We can also visit with the widows and anyone who is in need of friendship and service in our communities.
Matthew 5:13–16, Christ gives the Sermon on the Mount
Picture found on

The Savior was the perfect example of teacher. Our youth can also be teachers. They teach as they share their testimonies. They teach as the participate in lessons on Sunday. As they teach in Family Home Evening. They can be a mentor, etc.
Luke 18:15–17, Jesus sits with a little child
Picture found on

The Savior loved little children. Our youth recognize the profound example they can be to the children in the ward and neighborhood. They can be someone to look up to. Other ideas included, helping in primary, babysitting, and showing kindness towards younger brothers and sisters. 

John 5:2–12, Jesus speaks with the lame man by the pool
Picture found on

The youth felt this picture represented the poor. Their ideas of sharing their lights, were to provide food for the poor. Also, to gather and donate food or put kits together for them. 
Next, I invited the youth to look at the following pictures:

Christ in yellow and white robes, kneeling in the grass next to a large rock, with His hands clasped, looking upward.
Greatest of All, by Del Parson found on
Think of His atonement and the light of hope it brings into your life. The atonement makes it possible for you to overcome you sins and shortcomings. It allows you to be comforted and lifted through your trials. It allows the Savior to be their right with you. 

Jesus Christ hanging on the cross between two thieves while groups of onlookers, including Roman soldiers, stand nearby.
The Crucifixion, by Harry Anderson (62505)
Think of the Savior giving of his life, the ultimate sacrifice, so you could be able to return to your Heavenly Father. Think of the immense love he must have for YOU!

 This year the Christmas Initiative is to #LIGHTtheWORLD. It begins with YOU! I don't think that you fully realize the profound influence you have on others!  Especially the influence you have on your peers. Tonight we will be serving those who are going through trials in their lives. Making these Hygiene kits, even though it seems like a small act, brings such a light into their lives. As you watch this video think of things you could do throughout the month of December to #LIGHTtheWORLD. 

(Show video)

During December the church will be sharing a theme for each day, along with some ideas to help inspire you to share that light that is within you. These ideas and videos can be found on As you share your light, take pictures or video and share it on social media. There is so much negative out there in the world, let’s flood social media with good, flood our families, our wards, our communities and ultimately the world with light! There is no better gift we can give the Savior, no greater expression of gratitude, then to love and serve God’s children. 

I then shared my testimony on how as we share our light to bless the lives of others we will come closer to our Heavenly Father and Savior. 

The youth then were able to hear from a member of our bishopric, who shared some amazing experiences and insight. He talked of three things that he has learned from those who are "poor".

1- Not to Judge (Those who do not have much, don't judge. We can learn to be less judgmental and look at each other as precious sons and daughters of God, regardless of where we live, what we wear, or what we have)
2- To Give (Some of the most giving, are those who have the least.)
3- Gratitude (He told of an experience he had as a teacher at an inner-city school. They had received a donation from a company of  "the necessities" such as socks and underwear. He said how inspiring it was to see the sheer gratitude the children showed as they received pairs of underwear and socks. Many of us have been so much! We can learn to be appreciative of the things we have and the things we receive)

For our activity we were able to put hygiene basket together for new families who will be entering the homeless shelter. They are probably things that we take for granted, such as towels, soap, tooth paste and toothbrushes, etc. Our youth enjoyed working together to put their baskets together to give to those who are going through trials at this time.

Take these ideas and think of something you can do with your youth! Take pictures and share them, using the hashtag, #LIGHTtheWORLD. Visit for more information! I am truly honored to be able to take part as an influencer in the Christmas Initiative. The great thing is, it is something that EVERYONE can do! We can all serve!

Here are 25 plus ideas of how the youth can share their light...

1- Talk to someone you normally wouldn't talk to at school.
2- Invite a friend to an activity or Family Home Evening
3- Share you favorite scripture in a text or on Social Media
4- Put together a kit (hygiene, food, new parent, elderly, etc.) and deliver it in secret.
5- Write a note of gratitude to someone who has an influence in your life.
6- Help your parents with chores, express gratitude to them
7- Share a positive thought with someone, in a note, in person, in a text or on social media.
8- Visit with someone who is ill, make them a get well poster, make a care package, etc.
9- Make a treat or a food basket and deliver it someone.
10- Pray for someone. Act upon any promptings you receive during or after your paryer.
11- Serve an elderly neighbor or grandparent. Run errands, do chores, use your legs to help them walk.
12- Offer to babysit for a family for free. Be prepared with activities to do with the children.
13- Teach someone a skill or talent you have.
14- Think of all of the things you are grateful for and thank Heavenly Father in prayer. Share an experience of a time you had to rely on the Lord.
15- Go through your closet and donate some clothes to a charity. Or make hats for the homeless.
16- If you have a musical talent share that talent with others. Or find a Christmas song that makes you feel the spirit and share that with others.
17- Think of someone who is going through a trial, think about away you can encourage them and lift their burdens a little bit.
18- Share a story of your mother. Express gratitude to her.
19- Pay attention to the sacrament prayers. Think about how you can remember the Savior during the week.
20- Think about ways you can be a peacemaker. Continually strive to treat others the way you would like to be treated.
21- Think of the potential of someone in you life, find ways to encourage them to be the best they can be.
22- Is there someone in you life that you have have bad feelings towards. Look for ways to forgive and seek forgiveness. Serve that person.
23- Make a list of things you are grateful for. Tell someone that you are grateful for them. 
24- Help your family work on putting together a 72 hour preparedness kit. 
25- Leave a secret gift under the tree for someone in your family.
26- Watch videos of the Savior's life, think of ways you can follow the Savior throughout the year.

Thanks for visiting!!! I have to say that this initiative is contagious! Why, because serving others makes us feel good. I find myself searching for ways to serve and it has brought so much light and joy into my life!! How can it effect yours??? Leave comments below of ways you have shared your light and how others have shared their lights with you :)


  1. Hi Kim, I love your ideas! Did you contact the homeless shelter to get a list of items for the baskets? Would you share it with me? This would be a great activity for our family!

    1. Hey Suz, the center we donated them to is the Lantern House. They gave the list here's a link: It's down at the bottom, you click the picture. They say they also need socks and underwear in all sizes. What a fun activity to do with your family!


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