Jesus is the Greatest Gift Digital Watercolor of Mary and Baby Jesus: #LIGHTTHEWORLD

Jesus is the Greatest Gift Digital Watercolor of Mary and Baby Jesus,

I have always loved pictures of Mary and baby Jesus. They always bring with them a feeling of love and tenderness. I can only imagine the deep love and reverence Mary had towards her son, who was also the son of God. 

The other day I decided to draw and paint a picture of Mary with baby Jesus. I love how it ended up turning out. After listening to the First Presidency's Christmas devotional, I decided to add Sister Jones' quote, "Jesus is the Greatest Gift". He truly is our greatest gift. A gift that our loving Heavenly Father gave to us, to give us the opportunity to strive to become like Him and return to Him.

Today, I received a text about #LightTheWorld. That text said, "Create and Share a piece of art about Jesus Christ." I immediately thought of this painting of Mary and Jesus and decided that I would offer it as a free printable. I hope that it will bring light into your life. Thinking of my Savior, always brings light into my life, especially during this Christmas Season!

Have you watched the new #TheChristChild short film? If you haven't please click here and do! It is so beautiful!! What I love about it is the love that you can feel between each person in the nativity story and the great love they all had for Jesus!

Click the free download button below, it will take you to a PDF that you can either download or print. I would love to see how you use it, so make sure you tag me on social media @lifesjourneytoperfection or #lifesjourneytoperfection.

I've also, made a smaller version. There are four to a page and each picture measures 4.25 by 5.5 inches.

If you would like to see more ideas about Light The World, check out this post below.

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