#LightTheWorld Poster and How it can be used with The Little Lamb From Bethlehem

#LightTheWorld Poster and How it can be used with The Little Lamb From Bethlehem,

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This year, I really wanted to implement The Little Lamb From Bethlehem into our family's Christmas Tradition. I also wanted to do the #LightTheWorld with my family, so I thought, why not combine the two!!! I seriously feel like I really need to simply things in my life, especially around Christmas time, so this was a way I could do so....

I've created this #LightTheWorld poster, I printed mine out as a 8 1/2 by 11 you could print yours out larger if you'd like. You can make it as simple or a little bit more crafty. To make it simple just print it out onto card stock and them either frame it in a picture frame of clip it onto a clipboard and then mount on a wall or place on a stand. 

There are little round circles that can be printed too. You can print both, or either of the sets. On one set is the scripture that goes with each day. On the other set are ideas of things you can do each day that goes with the scripture. 

If you decide to print both, you could just glue them together, so the scripture is on one side and the action on the others side.

If you are to correlating it with the Little Lamb, then each day the circle tag would be brought with the Little Lamb from Bethlehem. You could place it in a stocking that he holds (click here for stocking) or just tie it onto him. You would read the scripture together and then go and do the act that goes with the scripture or think of your own ways to act. The circle tag would then be placed onto the day of the poster. You can also view the daily videos from mormon.org.

If you are keeping it simple you could just tape it on. Or another option would be to paste the poster onto a piece of wood, hammer a small nail above each number. Then punch a hole at the top of each circle tag and sting a piece of string or ribbon through it tie it and then those could be hung on the nails for each day. 

Or another option would be to place it on your fridge or something else metal. Then for the circle tags you could place a magnet on the back of each on and then it could be placed over each number. 

If you do not want to use it in correlation with the Little Lamb from Bethlehem, you can still use it! You could place each tag into a advent calendar, you know those ones that have pockets.Or they could be tied onto a little tree. 

What at blessing it is in our lives to have such amazing resources to help our families focus on the Savior and how we can become more like Him during this Christmas season!!

To Print your #LightTheWorld Poster and Scripture/Action Tags Click the button below:

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