A Mega List of Easy Ways to Feed the Hungry and #LightTheWorld

Check out the Easy Ways to Feed the Hungry,

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The Savior said, "For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat:" (Matt. 25:35) He asks us to serve and love our brothers and sister. Feeding the hungry does not have to be a big event or complicated. Feeding the hungry is day 21 of the #LightTheWorld in 25 Ways, Over 25 Days.

 There are many ways to do so.... here are several ideas that our family would like to share with you. They could be done as a family, with a group of friends, by yourself or as a youth group:

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Donate to a local food bank or charity of your choice. As member's of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints we also have the opportunity to donate monthly to Fast Offerings, which goes towards helping those in need. There is also the humanitarian fund.

Volunteering at a church owned farm or the cannery are other ways to help feed the hungry. We actually have one of the church's peach orchards near our home, giving our families the opportunity to serve. These peaches are canned and placed on the shelves of the Bishop's Storehouse and given to those in need. 

Donate to a local shelter... Most shelters will let you know items they are immediately in need of. Our local shelter the Lantern house has such a list on their website: Here's the Link.  You can also volunteer and serve at the shelter.

To feed the hungry can mean so many different things! There are also ways you can serve your neighbors and "Feed the Hungry"....

Breakfast Baskets... When someone I know has a baby or has had surgery I like to take them a breakfast basket. They usually are receiving dinner meals, but I have found it is very much appreciated to receive a basket of quick and easy breakfast items. To do this I purchase a basket or bowl from the dollar store and then fill it with items such as juice, bread or donuts, and a fruit such as bananas or oranges. Here's a fun card you could give with it:

The Bread of Life... The Savior has taught us that, "And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger;" (John 6:35) Sometimes, we are hungry for answers or for peace in our life. The Savior gives us this, He is the bread of life! For this idea of feeding the hungry:

Bake or purchase bread or breadmix and attach the Bread of Life, tag. 

You can also attach a copy of the Light the World Calendar.  Be prayerful as a family, as to who you could give these to.

Check out these other ideas that my friends are doing to Feed the Hungry and #LightTheWorld ....

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by Monica Moore Smith, Jake Chamberlain, Ashley Hess, Bri Ray, and Kelsey Edwards

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Share The Warmth
Glen Loch Ward Christmas Party: Helping the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Great ideas for helping feed the hungry #LIGHTtheWORLD #LDS

by Chicken Scratch N Sniff

Other Ways You Can #LightTheWorld
Check back often throughout the month, as more ideas will be added:

#LightTheWorld Poster and How it can be used with The Little Lamb From Bethlehem

Thanks for stopping by! Please use the #LightTheWorld as you share your light and do as the Savior has taught us to do.

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