Light The World With Love 2021 Bingo Cards and Activities

 Light The World With Love 2021 Bingo Cards and Activities,

One of our families very most favorite Christmas traditions has been participating in #LightTheWorld. For the last at least four years, we have done these Light The World Bingo cards. It has become a fun was to get the kids excited about participating in Light the World. 

It's become a little bit of a healthy competition to see who can get the first Bingo. As well as, who can get black out! I have treats for the boys as they get Bingos and a larger treat when they get black out.

Last year, I feel like we had so much fun with this!!! Some of our most favorite things that we did was:

Surprising my mom and dad with Thank You notes!! I loved seeing the smiles on their faces as I dropped off notes to them expressing gratitude with treats. Definitely a highlight of my Christmas last year!!

This was definitely one of the things that my kids liked doing the most last year!! We sneakily went and decorated a door and left this root beer reindeer on the doorstep. After we ran back to our car and drove away, my kids said how fun it was and that they wish we could do it to more people. Here is the link to the door decorations and the root beer reindeer.

This was another one that my kids really loved doing. We visited a local restaurant and supported them, by buying some food. My youngest actually tried to buy them out of treats as well!

This one was another fun one, that got my boys a little bit out of their comfort zone. They each took a root beer reindeer and took it to a neighbor. 

I've made a Light the World Bingo Card for this year again. The Bingo cards, correlate with the Light the World daily prompts. These cards, could be used for any age group, from children, to youth, to adults. I've also printed them out for my nieces and nephew and told them if they did it and tried to get black out I would give them a treat. 

Here is the link to this year's Light the World Calendar and new this year their is a children's version with coloring advent.

To print this years Light the World Bingo cards, click the free download button below:

Light the World Bingo Card Colored Version

Black and White Version:

I've updated the Bingo card markers this year with the theme of Light the World with Love. I love that Love is the focus this year. Service is more powerful and meaningful when done with love! Plus it helps us to focus more on our Savior, who is the greatest example of love!!

To print the Bingo markers, click the free download below:

Colored Version:

Black and White Version:

I've also decided to condense them into one page. The Bingo card will be smaller, half a page and the markers will be on the same page. This could be helpful when giving them to a big primary. I printed these off and gave them to all of my nieces and nephews. I told them that if they get black out I will have a treat for them, like a box candy or a can of chips. Click the free download button below to download and print:

I've had some ask for just the bingo card side by side on one sheet, so here you go!! These would be fun to handout with your own makers like stickers. As always, click the free download button below to print.

As we serve and love those around us, we will draw closer to our Savior and enjoy focusing more on those things He would want us to do during the Christmas season!

I'd love to see the things you are doing to Light the World!! Make sure you share them on social media and use the hashtags, #LightTheWorld, #LightTheWorldWithLove and #LifesjourneytoPerfection. Also, tag me @Lifesjourneytoperfection so I can highlight you on Instagram.

Do you want more #LightTheWorld ideas, check these ones out!

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