The other night when we were doing our door decorating for Light The World, we wanted to give the family a little treat as well. So, I quickly came up with this reindeer printable right before we were leaving and attached it to a two liter bottle of pop. 

We used it in conjunction with our "From our Herd to Yours" door decorations. 

I also thought it would work great to use it on a can of chips. They turned out looking pretty cute either on the can of chips or on the bottle of pop.

Christmas time, seriously gets my mind swirling with ideas of how I can "dress-up" items like bottle of pops and canned chips or nuts.

So, how to make them... Let's start with the bottle of pop first:

Get a two liter bottle of pop. I like either the root beer or cream soda because they are more of a reindeer color, but you could probably also use it on some kind of cola drink as well.

Here are the items you will need, not much because it's so simple!!

- 2 liter bottle of pop

- Reindeer Printable printed onto card stock (click free download button below)

- double sided tape

- any embellishments


The how to:

Print the Reindeer printable out onto card stock. Cut out. I also laminated mine (because I knew that I was going to be using it for the blog and switching from the bottle of pop to the canned chips). Laminating it just makes it more durable and able to be used again. But definitely not necessary, I did not laminate the one that we delivered.

Next, just tape them onto the bottle of pop with the double sided sticky tape. For the antlers on the bottle of pop, they like to fall forward, because of how the bottle of pop is shaped, you can fix this, but just slightly bending the antlers back. Tape on the eyes and the nose.

If you would like to add any embellishments, like ribbon around the bottom, then go ahead and do so now. I did not on the bottle of pop, but I did on the can of chips. 

Click the free download button below to download and print the Reindeer Printable:

Now onto the Can of Chips:

Here is what you will need:

- Can of chips

- Brown Paper, you could use craft paper (I got mine in a roll at the craft store), or you could even use a brown paper bag. The size to cut it is 8 3/4 by 10 inches.

- Reindeer Printable

- Craft or scrapbook paper to cut out to cover the lid (this is optional)

- double sided tape or you could use a glue gun

- any embellishments

- Scissors

The how to:

Print the Reindeer printable out onto card stock and cut out. Also, cut out the craft paper to wrap around the can of chips. Secure it with tape onto the can of chips. Next tape or glue on the antlers, eyes and nose. You can cover the lid with a circle cut out to the lids size, tape or glue this on. You could even write a sweet message onto it or add a little gift tag.

Next, add any embellishments, like ribbon. 

Click the free download button below to download and print the Reindeer Printable:

I also decided to make a gift tag to go with it. You could add your own personal message to the back of the tag. These ones I made to take to a couple neighbors for Light the World. We decided to add some craft paper around the bottles of pop. The craft paper measured 6 by 15 inches and we just secured it on with tape. Click the free download button below to download the gift tags:

Now, the only thing to do is to figure out who you are going to give it to! They make great teacher gifts and we all know how are teachers need a little bit more love and appreciation this year. You could add a card to it our even a gift card if you wanted to give a little bit more.

They also would be a great neighbor gift! We always give out so many neighbor gifts every year, that keeping it simple always helps!

They would also be a great idea to give to ministering sisters, church teachers or leaders, or for church leaders or teachers to give to their class members. I know my kiddos would love to receive either one!!

If you would like more fun gift ideas check these out:

Snowman!! These also are great Neighbor gifts!

Magic Eraser Tag

Gift card holders

Lots of fun ideas for Neighbor and Teacher gifts here!!!

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