Super Fun and Easy Winter Snowman Crafts

Super Fun and Easy Winter Snowman Crafts,

I love decorating with snowmen, because I get to leave them up longer! My snowman decorations usually stay up from the day after Thanksgiving until the first of February. 

I also, love doing snowman crafts! They are so much fun and always so easy to do, that I end up doing them every year! January, is a great time to do a snowman craft! Whether you didn't get a teacher gift out before Christmas, or you have a class who would like to do a fun craft, these ones are great! They would also be great to do at a New Year's Eve party, to keep the kiddos occupied!

I've compiled a list of some of my favorite snowmen crafts, check them out below!

This one really is so simple! Definitely easy enough that you could do it for a kid craft idea. We did them one year and handed them out to friends.

Who doesn't like to build a snowman?!?  These kits are perfect for playing in the snow! We gave each of our family members one of these one year for Christmas. What I love about it, is that the pieces are light weight, so the stick in the snow and won't destroy your snowman! 

This one and the canned pop are my favorite snowmen to make!! They always turn out so cute and take hardly any time at all to do. I seem to make them every year, to give to someone. This year my youngest made them to give to his primary teachers.

These cute little guys were a huge hit, when my kiddos gave them to some of their school and church teachers. They are SO CUTE!!  Also, super easy to make!! These too, would be a very easy kid craft!! You could make anything into a snowman really! A can of nuts, a box of thin mints, even canned food! If you want to make it as a decoration, just use an empty and cleaned out can of food. 

I love this snowman! Really, I love doing 2x4 crafts because they are so inexpensive and easy to do! I always seem to have scrap 2x4's laying around! This craft would be so fun for a craft club night, RS activity, or Young Woman's activity. Or get some of your friends together and just have a fun night of treats, laughter and crafting!

Oh, how I love coloring pages!! Don't you find it relaxing to sit down and color in a page, maybe it is because it makes us slow down a little bit! I've always loved to do coloring contests at parties or even just with my kiddos and their cousins. It is a great way to keep the kiddos entertained! Do you have a New Year's Eve party coming up?? These would be great!! There is also a super cute penguin color page at the same link!

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