Super Cute Christmas Coloring Pages You Need to Have This Christmas!

Super Cute Christmas Coloring Pages You Need to Have This Christmas!

Oh how I love a good coloring page!! They are great to have around the house, for school parties, during class time and even for ward or family parties!! I've came up with six new designs that I am pretty excited about. Check them out below...

Baby Jesus in the Manger surrounded by sheep. I love this one, because it is the focus that I really want my family to have at Christmas time and that is on the Savior, Jesus Christ. I did the sheep to remind us that He is our shepherd and we are to love and serve the other sheep in His flock. The star reminds us that He is our light. We can look to Him for goodness and direction. All printables will be in a free download at the bottom of this post, print one or print them all.

This one is my middle kiddo's favorite! I showed it to him when he got home from school and he loved it!  Decorate his hat and scarf! I love walking the halls at school and seeing how differently each child colors and decorates their artwork.

This on is a fun one!!  Do you know all of the names of Santa's reindeer? There are nine counting Rudolph. Or maybe you want to come up with your own names!  Color them different colors, give them bows or hats. 

I love Snowmen!! And who doesn't love a snow day!?!  Give this snowman a hat and decorate his scarf. Maybe you want to add some little friends by him too!

What would you put on your Christmas Tree? Decorate each tree different or make them all the same.

Gingerbread men!! I've always loved drawing them and eating them!! This would be a fun color page to do in conjunction with decorating some gingerbread men shaped cookies!

Hopefully, you've found a coloring page you'd like to color!! Print them off by clicking the Free Printable button below. Have a very Merry Christmas!!

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