2X4 Snowman Decoration Tutorial

I love making stuff out of 2x4's and I love making snowman, so of course this would be one of my favorite crafts!  What I love about snowmen are they are great to decorate with in January too. Here are the how tos:

What you Need:

o  2x4 wood
o  White Craft Paint
o  Sand Paper
o  Miter Saw & ban saw
o  Orange Craft Paint
o  Paint brushes
o  Fabric or an old shirt
o  Off White Yarn
o  Scissors
o  Burlap
o  Black buttons
o  Embelishments
o  Q-tip and blush
o  Cotton Balls
o  Hot Glue gun and glue
o  Distressing ink and facial sponge

How to Make it:

Begin, project by cutting wood with a miter saw (remember safety rules when handling power tools. Where safety glasses and know how to use the tools and not be distracted).  The bottom piece will need to measure: 5 inches in length. The middle piece will measure at 4 inches in length. And the top piece or head piece will measure at 3 1/4 inches in length.  Also, cut a piece of wood about 1/4 of an inch thick. This is what you will make the nose out of. Take it to the ban saw and cut into long triangle shapes.

After making all of the cuts, sand the wood with sand paper.

After wood is sanded, paint all of the blocks with white craft paint.  Paint the triangle nose with orange craft paint.  When paint has dried, sand all edges with sand paper.  Then using distressing ink, distress the edges with a facial sponge.

The Hat:  To make the hat use the pattern to the left. (Click on it and save to your computer and then print out) Fold fabric in half or you can do what I did and use an old shirt.  If you are using an old shirt, you can use the bottom of the shirt for the bottom of the hat, this works out great because then you will not need to finish off that edge. If you are using fabric you will need to turn under 1/4 of an inch and finish off the edge.  Anyways, whatever you decide to use you will use the pattern and cut out the shape from the fabric. Put right sides together and sew along the outsides, leaving the bottom open.  It should look like the figure to the left.   If you would like a no sew option, then use some fleece cut a long rectangle (long enough for it to go around the wood and overlap a little bit and tall enough that you and tie it and have a little fringe at the top.  Glue one end onto block wrap around and glue other edge onto the fleece.  Tie with some ribbon, twine or jute and fringe the top with scissors.

The pom poms:  Here is a great tutorial on how to make the pom poms- How to Make Mini Yarn Pom Poms

To add some poof to the hat, I applied some hot glue to the top of the block and then put 5 cotton balls along the top.

Put the hat on and hot glue in place in a couple places. Hot glue on the pom pom onto the end of the hat.

Now you can finish the head by adding a face. Glue on the button eyes and the big wood nose. With a q-tip add blush to the cheeks.

Apply hot glue onto the bottom of the head and hot glue it onto the middle piece, making sure it is centered.  Tie burlap around for the scarf.

Next apply hot glue onto the bottom of the middle piece, center it and glue it onto the bottom piece.  Hot glue on little wood nobs or buttons onto the middle piece.

Now its complete a super cute snowman to sit on your shelf or give away as a gift!


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