#LightTheWorld Door Decorating "From Our Herd to Yours"

#LightTheWorld Door Decorating "From Our Herd to Yours"

I was so excited when I saw today's prompt for Light The World!! How fun to decorate someone's door with seasons greetings. The other night as I was going to bed I was thinking about what I could make to decorate doors and reindeer came to my mind as well as the nativity. I'm still working on the nativity. But I wanted to hurry and get these reindeer posted! Click this link to check out the Light The World Calendar & resources. Also, here is the link to the Light The World Bingo

When we think of reindeer we can't help but think about Rudolph! Why did Santa want Rudolph to guide his sleigh? It was because of his bright shiny nose that could shine the way. Just like Rudolph shines the way for Santa, our Heavenly Father, sent His son, Jesus Christ to shine His light and the way for each one of us!

To use these door decorations, print out onto card stock and cut out. I like to leave a little white boarder around each of the cutouts. You could write a little message on each of the reindeer or just use them as is. Figure out who you would like to share a bit of Christmas cheer with. Using painters tape (this will help protect the door from damage), tape each of the reindeer and the "From our herd to yours" sign onto the door. If you would like you could leave a treat.

We are planning on leaving a bottle of root beer that looks like a reindeer on the porch with the decorations. Here is the link: Reindeer Printable

Click the free download button below to print the "From our Herd to Yours" Door decorations:

I finished the nativity door decorations, you can find them here:

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  1. Love this. Thank you for sharing your cute ideas. Would love to see the nativity door decorations even if it is late :)


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