Who is Your Hero Printable for #LightTheWorld

 Who is Your Hero Printable for #LightTheWorld,

I have felt it very important to get my kids involved in the church's initiatives such as #GiveThanks and #LightTheWorld. It's the reason behind me creating the Light The World Bingo printables.

So, for today I decided to create a printable to go with Hero day! The plan is that when they get home from school today, we will talk about charity or Christlike love. Then I will give them their papers and they can either write or draw a picture of who to them in their life, represents Christlike love. I've also made a spot where they can put why that person is their hero.

I love that today's focus is on recognizing the good in someone else an then sharing that good with them. I would also love to share my kids papers with who ever it is that they say in their Christlike Hero!

Anyways, I thought I'd share the printable on here as well, incase anyone needed some ideas of how to get their kids involved today. Click the Free download button below to download and print.

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