Pay it Backwards by Saying Thank You: Thank You Cards and Thank You Bag Toppers

 Pay it Backwards by Saying Thank You: Thank You Cards and Bag Toppers,

Today, as I was thinking about today's prompt for Light The World. I was thinking about how a simple Thank You card can mean so much!! It is also a perfect way to get the kids involved. Treats are also a fun and yummy way to say thank you!

The first person that comes to mind that always does so much for me is my mom! She is always there when I need her. She has brought me dinner on days that I have just needed it. If I'm in a pinch she is there to help out. Just yesterday, she was willing to get one of my kiddos from school because I wasn't going to be home. I know that sometimes I take her for granted! Oh and she has us over for dinner on Sundays, usually every other Sunday. She's the best!

So, I think it's our turn to shower them with some love! I'm planning on the kids participating by making thank you cards. 

Who could you pay it backwards to? A teacher, a neighbor, a friend, a family member? What about a school counselor, a nurse? The store cashier? There are so many people who provide us with service every day, we just need to think about it and reach out to who we feel prompted to.

Here are some printables to help you say thank you and do something nice back to them:

Attach these thank you baggy toppers to a bag full of cookies!! Who wouldn't love some cookies. On the back of the topper you could write why you are grateful. What has that person done, that you would like to pay it back to them? I am offering two different size of the bag toppers. The sandwich bag size and the gallon bag size. Click the free download buttons below to download and print.

Sandwich bag Thank You Toppers

Gallon size bag Thank You Toppers

These cute Thank You tags could be attached to anything!! From Notebooks, to candy, to a favorite treat or drink. On the back you could write a personal note of why you are thankful. Click this link to take you to the Thank You Tags.

I love personalized cards from kids!! Here is one that has the Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus on the front. Kids can color the card and then write their on personal message inside. Click the free download button below. 

Here are some cute cards that I did for the Little Lamb of Bethlehem. They would be great to use as well to let someone know what they have done in your life that you are so grateful for! Click this link to the Thank You Cards and Stationary

Or you could use these ready made cards. Simple and ready to go, all you need to do is print onto card stock, and write you personal thank you note inside. Click this link for the Christmas Cards.

If you would like more Christmas gift and craft ideas click the following link:

Here is also a link to more Light The World ideas.

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