Express Your Gratitude With These Four Thankful Cards

 Express Your Gratitude With These Four Thankful Cards,

I have always been a huge fan of being grateful!! It's my favorite thing about Thanksgiving. I feel like it prepares us for the giving of Christmas time. 

This year our prophet, President Nelson, has asked that we express our gratitude for seven days on social media. I have loved this!! My social media feed is no longer flooded with political or just unhappy stuff, but rather it is flooded with expressions of gratitude!! It has made me contemplate all of the things I am grateful for and realize that seven days is not enough!! I've tried to get me kids involved with asking them each day what they are grateful for. I've loved hearing their responses.

One way that we can express gratitude is with a card of appreciation. I love receiving cards, notes, or text messages from people expressing gratitude, it makes my day when I receive one!!

My mom and her primary teaching partner wanted to mail each one of their primary children a card. So, last night she was asking me if I had anything she could use for a card. She wanted it to focus thankful and joy. I told her I would make one. Today, I found a wonderful quote from Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "There is something in each day that can bring gratitude and joy if only we will see and appreciate it."

I loved this quote, so I made a card with it that she could use. While I was at it I decided to make a few other cards that I could share. Some of the are black and white, so they can be colored. Here they are..

I've noticed in my own life that when I focus on those things that I am grateful for then I am happier, I have more joy in my life. I may even forget my troubles. I loved this quote and my mom was excited when I sent it to her, it was just what she wanted to send to her primary class. Click the free download button below to download and print.

This is one that the kiddos could color. They could think about someone that they are thankful for and draw a picture or write inside of the card, why they are thankful for that person. It is so important to teach our children to have gratitude and to show appreciation. Click the Free Download button below to download and print.

Turkeys!! Here is a colored card that could be easily and quickly printed. Just write a quick note inside of the card telling them thank you!! Click the Free Download button below to download and print.

Another fun turkey card, but this is another one that you could get the kids involved with!! Have them color or even paint the turkey on the card. Maybe they could even list things they are thankful for on the leaves. Have them write a message of gratitude inside of the card and give it to someone they are grateful for. Click the Free Download button below to download and print.

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