Two Turkey Brown Lunch Bag Turkey Crafts

Super easy, inexpensive and fun craft!  One can hold treats in it or be a fun way to send your kiddos lunch to school! The other idea is actually what my kiddo wanted me to do for his school party, a turkey puppet!

Turkey Lunch/Treat Bag:

Supplies Needed:
 - Brown Paper Lunch Bag
- White Card stock
- Black Marker
- Orange paper, Red Paper, Green Paper, Blue Paper
- Glue Stick
- Stapler w/staples
- Free Printable Turkey template

First, you will need to cut everything out. I used this amazing hole punch for the eyes! Seriously was a time saver!! Print out the template above and use it as a pattern to cut out everything else. You will need two eyes out of white card stock, a beak and two feet out of orange or yellow paper, a red feather, a blue feather and a green feather and a little gibbler out of red paper.

 Next, it is time to assemble. Glue on the eyes, beak, wattle, and feet with a glue stick. In the middle of the white eyes draw a circle for the pupil of the eye with black marker.

Then, place the treat or lunch into the bag. Fold over the top of the bag.

Staple the feathers onto the back of the bag.

Turkey Puppet:

The turkey puppet is basically the same as the turkey bag.

Supplies Needed:

- Brown lunch bag
- Free Turkey printable
- Card Stock
- Paper (Red, Green, Yellow, Orange)
- Black Marker
- Glue Stick
 Print printable and cut out all of the pieces. Draw two black circle dots on the eyes.

With the glue stick, glue on the eyes, beak and wattle (red thing that hangs by beak)

Glue the feathers onto the back

There you have it a fun little turkey puppet.  We played a game of "Turkey" says (like simon says) with our turkeys. We also started telling stories with the. It would be fun to sing songs with the turkey also.

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  1. Such a fun and simple idea! Thanks!

  2. I did this with the preschool kids! I had them draw on each leaf what they were thankful for.

  3. These are the cutest turkeys! How come yours turn out way cuter than mine?

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