Fun Thanksgiving Crafts and Printables

Thanksgiving is going to be here before we know it!! Here are some of my favorite crafts and printables to celebrate being thankful!!

{Life's Journey to Perfection} Lunch Bag Turkey Tutorial & Free Printable download

{Life's Journey to Perfection} Turkey Puppet Tutorial and Free Printable

{Life's Journey to Perfection} Rice Crispy Turkey Craft Tutorial

If you love these Fun Thanksgiving Crafts and Printables then Check out my post from last year, for more ideas: Be Grateful! Thanksgiving Crafts and Ideas 2014


  1. Very cute crafts! I am sure kids would love these. Shared!

    1. Thanks Linda!! There are lots of fun ones!! I am trying to decide whether to let my kids make the lunch bags & put treats inside or if I want to make them and put their school lunch in it :)

  2. Such simple and adorable ideas! Thanks for sharing. Pinning now

  3. Thanks for including my felt pumpkins! I just went to pin this post and saw my project included. Made my day.

  4. I like your cornucopia and those turkey journals are super cute!

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