Rice Crispy Turkey Kid Craft

Grandma craft ALERT!!! My mom has been having fun little activities to keep the grandkids a little entertained and busy when we come over for family dinner.  So this fun, idea is thanks to Grandma!

First, mix up a batch of brown rice crispy balls. To do this:

Place 1/4 cup of butter in a microwave safe dish and warm it up in the microwave for 45 seconds or until melted. Then add 1 package of miniature marshmallows (10 1/2 oz). Stir until butter coats the marshmallows. Place back into the microwave for 45 seconds, then stir. Place back into the microwave for another 45 seconds. Marshmallows should be melted. Stir in 8 1/2 cups of Chocolate Rice Cereal (aka Cocoa Pebbles).  Spray your hands with cooking spray and grab a handful of rice crispy mixture and form into a ball. Place on a sprayed cookie sheet or wax paper and allow to set up. Continue making balls with the rest of the cereal mixture.  (My mom also formed a head, but it is not necessary, the round ball would be good enough. Also, we hadn't let ours set up, so they fell apart a little. It would be better if they were completely set up)

Now, is the fun part! Decorating.... Place five toothpicks into the cereal ball. These will be for the feathers.  We had bowls full of fun candies, cereals and marshmallows to decorate with.  First, add the eyes and the beak to the turkey. We used chocolate chips for the eyes and candy corns for the beaks. You could also use, candy eyes or use melted chocolate or frosting and have them dot the eyes on themselves. It may be necessary to use melted chocolate or frosting to help secure the eyes and beak on.

Decorating the feathers... Let their imaginations run wild, with how to decorate them.

***Always supervise children with the toothpicks. Remove toothpicks before eating the rice crispy ball. ***

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  1. oh my goodness so cute! i have to share with my mother in law

  2. So much! I love little fun crafts/foods like this. Let's the kids be apart of something and have some fun.

    1. Agree! We have some active kiddos in the family so it's fun to have something for them to do ;)


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