Thanksgiving craft: Gratitude Bean Bag

For the next couple weeks I will be posting some Thanksgiving craft ideas.  After that I will be focusing on some Christmas Crafts, since there are so many!

The Craft I chose today is the Gratitude Bean Bag.  It actually has a couple purposes.  The first, is it is a cute decoration.  The second, is that is can be used for a little game or "Name What You Are Thankful For".

Here's What You Need to Make One:
Muslin about 4x6 inches (size may vary, just make sure front and back fabric are the same size)
Fabric for back 4x6 inches (size may vary)
dry beans
sewing maching
embroidery floss and needle
crayons or colored pencil

Here's How You Will Go About Making One:
One a piece of muslin either free hand a design or find a patter you would like.  The one I did I just free handed it on.  Next, using an embroidery needle and embroidery floss, do a primitive stitch on you design.  Now, fill in any areas you would like colored with a colored pencil or crayon.  Put wrong sides of fabric together stitch around the edge with a forth of an inch to half inch seam.  Leave a small opening so you can fill it with beans.  Fill it with beans about 3/4 full.  Now stitch opening shut.  Use scissors and cut fabric into almost the seam every 1/2 inch, giving it a little fringes look. Now, you have this cute Thanksgiving decoration.

To Play the  "Name What You Are Thankful For" game:
You will need to sit around the room as a family.  Gently toss the bean bag to a family member.  That family member then needs to name something they are grateful for.  Then they gently toss the bean bag to another family member, who then names something they are grateful for.  Continue until everyone in the family names at least one thing they are grateful for.

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