Preparing for Spiritual and Physical Needs: Putting together a 72 hour kit and Seek, Receive, and Act on Personal Revelation

We never know when we are going to be tested physically or spiritually. That is why it is so important to prepare NOW!

This Weeks Physical Needs focus is:  Putting together a 72 hour kit.

This is what I have found to work for me and my family of five.  I have my kit in two different containers.  The first container is a 5 gal bucket that has a screw on lid with a toilet seat that fits onto the 5 gal bucket.  In this bucket I have:

o A Tarp
o A-frame tent
o Shovel
o Ax
o Bungee Chords
o Screw Driver
o Anti-bacterial Gel
o Toilet Paper
o Masks (one for each member of family)
o Rope
o Poncho (one for each member of family)
o 13 gal plastic garbage bags
o Whistle
o Plastic or Latex gloves
o Matches
o Glow Sticks
o Saw

Then, right now I use a 18 gal tote for the rest.  I have a couple bags that I keep the Hygiene items in. I have also thought about using something with wheels, like a cooler.  (The stuff in this container is intended to be used when camping also, replenishing as needed):

Kitchen Needs:
o Mess Kit
o Stove & fuel
o Aluminum Foil
o Ziploc bags various sizes
o Plastic or latex gloves
o Paper Towels
o Dishcloth, washcloth and dish towels
o Rope
o Matches
o Sponge with scouring side
o Dish Soap
o Hydrogen Peroxide
o Drinking Water Capsules
o Utensils (I have a set for each member of the family)
o Hand operated can opener
o Paring knifes
o Potato peeler
o Bowls (1 for each member of family)
o Cups (1 for each member of family)
o Food Strainer
o Cheese Grater
o Measuring spoons and cups
o Small mixing bowl with lids
o Spices (garlic, beef and chicken bouillon cubes, salt, pepper, cinnamon, onion seasoning, Italian seasoning)
o Baking Soda
Hygiene Needs:
o First Aid Kit
o Emergency Sleeping bags (one for each member of family)
o Emergency blankets (one for each member of family)
o 13 gal garbage bags
o Tissues
o Wipes
o Tooth paste, tooth brush, floss, mouth wash (for each member of family)
o Sunscreen
o Chap-stick
o Hand Soap
o Bug Repellent
o Lotion
o Deodorant
o Medication
o Contacts, solution, cases, glasses
o Comb, brush, hair clips, bobby pins, elastics
o Nail clippers and file
o Shaving Cream, razors
o Face wash & face lotion
o Optional: Makeup
o Hair Spray
o Shampoo & Conditioner
o Sewing Kit
o Body Wash
o Anti-Histamine
o Pain Reliever
o Candles
o Wind-up and solar Radio with cell phone charger and flashlight
o Whistle
o Money
o Matches
o Lighter
o Pocket knife
o Scissors
o Notebook paper and pens
o More Masks
o Box cutter
o Flashlight with batteries
o Wind up Flashlight
Food Needs:
o Food (you will need to have enough in there for 3 meals a day for three days.)
           -Examples: Breakfasts- Oatmeal packets, canned fruit
                             Lunch: Ramon Noodles or Cup of Soups, Dried fruit
                             Dinner: Canned Soup or Chili, Canned Corn
                             Hard Candies
o Water (The goal is to have at least a gallon of water per day per person.  Visit this site for more info) 

           ****Buy stuff that your family usually eats and rotate food & water every 6 months****
           ****Another great idea is to rotate you lotions, soaps, first aid kits stuff and medicine regularly. Something I do is in my 72 hr/vacation bag for hygiene I have the same makeup, lotion, etc. that I regularly use.  When the stuff I use every day runs out I get it from the bag and then buy new to replace the bag with.  That way I am regularly rotating and not wasting. ****

Pursuit of Excellence Goal for the week:
Goals That Build Spiritual Strength
**Learn what it means to seek, receive, and act on personal revelation.**

Here is a great article on this subject: "How to Obtain Revelation and Inspiration for your Personal Life"

Once we recognize the promptings of the spirit we need to act upon those promptings!!

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  1. Thanks for this list. I've got to get going to this. You hope you never have to use them, but it will definitely be a lifesaver if something happens.


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