November Week 2 Sharing Time 2013: I am Thankful for Temporal Things

Here is the Outline for this weeks sharing time:

Have a table sitting in the front of the room.  On the table place: A piece of Fruit (Food), A Flashlight (Light), A Bottle of Water (Water), A Flower (Nature), A Toy (Toys), A Picture of a House (House/Shelter), A small toy person or paper cut out (for Bodies), Toy Car (Cars), Stuffed Animal (Animals/Pets), Piece of Clothing (Clothes).  Have a blanket or table cloth covering all items.

Give each class or if you have a small primary you could give a paper to each child. Use the printout above or have papers numbered 1-10.  Tell them that you are going to lift the blanket or tablecloth for 10 seconds.  They need to look at and try to remember the items on the table.  Do not write anything down yet.  When the 10 minutes is up the tablecloth or blanket will be placed back over the items and they will be able to write down as many items as they can remember.  Give them about 1 minute to write down the items they remember.

Then have the teachers total up how many items they wrote down.  See how many each class remembered. 

Explain to the children that everything on that table is a blessing, something that our Heavenly Father has given us.  Write on the board "I am Thankful for Temporal Things". 

Uncover the table again.  Ask the first class to tell you something they remembered.  Ask the children how this item is a blessing and how they can show Heavenly Father they are thankful for that thing.  Continue with each class until all items have been discussed.

Encourage each child to think of a temporal blessing in their lives each day and to show thanks to Heavenly Father for that item.

Bear your testimony about the many temporal blessing our Heavenly Father has given us and that we need to be thankful to Heavenly Father for those things.

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