Thanksgiving Coloring Pages and Activities For Any Age!

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages and Activities For Any Age!

This really is one of my favorite times of the year, when our focus seems to shift towards being grateful and looking for what to do for others.

I thought that I would offer some fun coloring pages. These coloring pages would be great for any age group and can be used in many settings. Such as, primary, at home, in school and just anywhere and any time. I know when my kiddos are with some of  their cousins and wonder what they can do, I've had them do coloring contests. These coloring pages are great because they focus on being grateful. Which help lead into a discussion of what they are thankful for.

Below each image is a free download button. Click the button to download and print each of the color pages. I will have another button towards the bottom of this post, where you can download and print all of the printables together.

Here's another fun page with turkeys, owls, pumpkins and leaves!  I love coloring, because it brings out ones own creativity! 

I love all things turkey!! Most of my Thanksgiving decorations in my home have to do with turkeys! With this color page, you could even have the children write something that they are grateful for.

This is such a fun activity, that I originally created and posted about years ago. Here is a link to the original post.  What I love about this activity, is that it gets you really thinking!! Thinking about what we are really grateful for. When we make lists of gratitude, we are filled with greater happiness and obtain a grateful heart.

I get to work with a group of awesome youth at our local junior high school. When thinking about what we would do for the month of November, I came up with this Gratitude Bucket List. An opportunity for each of them to personally reflect and grow in gratitude. So far I have heard great things about it. One of the moms, saw it brought home and loved the idea and is going to have the rest of her children do it as well. For this group of kids at the Junior High, when they turn it in the get a treat.

This is a great opportunity to focus on gratitude daily. Even though we are at least half way through the month of November. We can start today, filling out the calendar each day of something we are thankful for. Or print it and save it for another month. It doesn't have to be November, we can focus on gratitude every month of the year. This is also, one I shared years ago, here is the original post.

This activity was part of a sharing time I shared. This would work wonderfully as a quick activity for primary or for family gospel learning. Each person gets a paper and write or draws what they are thankful to Heavenly Father for. This is a special activity, because more than being grateful we are recognizing that all of our blessing come for our Heavenly Father. 

This was another activity from a previous sharing time lesson idea. Do our kiddos know what temporal blessings are? They are those things that we enjoy in this life, such as our food, our houses, our pets, etc. We can express our gratitude for those things and also recognize that all comes from our loving Heavenly Father. As we are grateful for those things that we have, we will appreciate them.

Happy Thanksgiving!! Here is the link to the complete set of Thanksgiving Coloring Pages and Activities.

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