Light The World 2019 ONE BY ONE BINGO Printable and Family Activity Idea

Light The World 2019 ONE BY ONE BINGO Printable and Family Activity Idea,

Those who follow me on Instagram or Facebook, know just how much I love Light The World this year! I love the focus that it brings into our lives, of focusing on serving and loving one by one.
Last year I offered a #LightTheWorld Bingo card, it was a huge success, so I thought I would update it to correlate with this year's daily prompts and offer it again this year. Each of the Bingo activities are easy enough for even young children to do, but can also be done by older children, teens and adults!

There is a colored version, great for families, primaries and to give to neighbors or grandkids. Print them out onto card stock.

And a black and white version, that is a little bit more budget friendly for large primaries or school classes.

This year, I am even offering Bingo Markers (these are included in the above downloads). You have options!!! For us, last year, my kids just simply marked an X through the squares they did. You could do that, or you could put stickers on them or you could use the bingo markers. The bingo markers could be printed on sticker paper or card stock and taped on.

I like the idea of including this as part of a Family Activity!!

The focus of the Family Activity, will be how the Savior served and loved "One-by-One" and so can we.


Begin, by showing several pictures of the Savior, serving others. Explain that in each of the pictures the Savior is serving that one person.  Just as, when he suffered and atoned for each of us, he did it one-by-one.

How can we follow His example?? Invite your family to write down some ways and who they could serve one-by one. Then show the video: Light the World Each Day, One by One

Invite a discussion with your family, of their thoughts about the Savior, the video and what they wrote down.

Visit the website Show family members the calendar, discuss how everyday their are ideas of ways to serve one-by one. Give each family member a Bingo card, explain that those daily ideas correlate with spaces on the Bingo card. As they serve someone each day, they can mark a space off of the Bingo card. You might want to have a treat or an activity that you can do together when someone gets a bingo (five spaces marked off in a row, either horizontal, diagonal or vertical). And if they get black out, which is all of the spaces marked off then maybe you could do something really special together!

As we serve and love those around us, we will draw closer to our Savior and enjoy focusing more on those things He would want us to do during the Christmas season!

I'd love to see the things you are doing to Light the World!! Make sure you share them on social media and use the hashtags, #LightTheWorld, #OnebyOne and #LifesjourneytoPerfection

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  1. Thank you for putting this together. I can't wait to try it with my family this year.

    1. You are welcome! I hope your family enjoys it!! :) Merry Christmas!!

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  6. Can you separate the bingo markers and bingo page to two pdf's? I want to print the bingo card on cardstock, but the markers on sticker paper. Thanks!

    1. Hey thanks for your comment! When printing, just choose that you would only like to print page one of the pdf, then you can print it onto card stock. Then choose that you would only like to print page two and you can print it onto sticker paper. To do this when you go to print choose custom pages instead of all pages and then put in the page number. Also, this is last years bingo, I have created one for this year here is the link That one also has a google doc version, that you could select the page you would like to print as well.

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