Brighten Someone's Day by Decorating Their Door with these Adorable Valentine's Day Door Decorating Printables

Brighten Someone's Day by Decorating Their Door with these Adorable Valentine's Day Door Decorating Printables,

At Christmas time and last Easter we went and decorated doors. My kids loved it!! It was probably their favorite thing they did at Christmas time. My middle kiddo said it was so much fun and my youngest wanted to do it to everyone's doors. The thing about service is that it comes full circle. It blesses the lives of those you serve as well as your own life.

Every Valentine's Day, I decorate my children's doors, usually with cut out hearts, sometimes with candy. Always with messages of reasons why I love them and why I think they are so amazing! I know that for some of my kids this is their love language, to have words of affirmation!

I created this fun and adorable Valentine's cut outs, to be used to decorate doors. There are so many ways that they can be used to brighten someone's day. You can use them to decorate your own kid's doors and if you'd like you could write things on the back. 

You could use them as a service opportunity with your kids, think of someone that you would like to spread kindness too and decorate their door, you could even leave a treat if you'd like. It would be a great YW or primary activity. Our leaders could do it for their class members.

We are going to go and decorate my parents door, we are going to leave them with some strawberries as well for their treat, since my dad can't have treats.

I heard from so many of you with the Christmas door decorating, how much fun you and your kids had and how much it meant to those that you decorated their doors! I think that it is something simple, to just let someone know that you love and care about them!! Especially, during this time of the pandemic. There are a lot of people who feel lost, or miss that interaction with other, who need just a little dose of love!

Click the free download button below, to download an print the pdf. I would suggest you print them on card stock, if you would like to make them more durable you could laminate them as well.

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