Color and Play Valentine 4 in a Row Bingo

 Color and Play Valentine 4 in a Row Bingo,

If you haven't guessed, I love making Bingo cards & I love playing Bingo!! At the end of this post I'll share the different Bingos I have available here on the blog! 

So, let's talk a little bit about Valentine's Day! This year my youngest is in sixth grade, I have to say I kind of feel sad for him! An email went out saying no Valentine's could be sent to school.  I get it, we live in a crazy time and we are trying to keep everyone safe. But, I want my kiddos to have the fun. So,  I brought up the idea to our PTO board to do a party box for each of our classes at school. Now, it wasn't my original idea, several of the schools around us do this. So, we did. It was a lot of work putting it together for the whole school, but hopefully it was fun for the kids and some help to the teachers.

We did have a Bingo in each of the bags. It was not this one, but it is was spurred me to update and do a new Bingo card for Valentine's Day.  You can find my old ones here, I made these before I had my awesome Ipad and Procreate, back when I either drew my images with a mouse or my finger on our computer. 

These Valentine's Bingo Cards I'm sharing, I decided to make them so they can fulfill two purposes. They can be a busy activity, to engage the participants in coloring. Then you can play the Bingo game. If you did want to use them for a coloring activity, you can just use them black and white or print them out onto colored card stock. You can also get fun with what you use for Bingo markers. My favorite is using CANDY. Yes, I may have a little bit of a candy addiction. Candy conversation hearts would work great, skittles, or M&M candies. You could also use cereal, like cheerios. Other options are, beans, or paper markers, or they could just mark them off with a crayon, or quickly color them in.

So, for this Bingo card, you just need to get four in a row, any direction to get Bingo. You could use simple treats for the Bingo winners. Treats could be stickers, small candies, or little toys (they have bags of toys at the dollar store that would work great). 

My suggestion is to print them out onto card stock. If you would like to be able to reuse them, then laminate them. Then you can wipe them off and reuse them in the future or if you have multiple groups that will be using them. Something fun you can do, if you are a primary teacher, activity leader or YW leader and would like to use this with you youth, you could do a virtual activity. Drop off the cards and markers before hand, then do a zoom meeting and play the Bingo together. Keep track of who wins the Bingos and drop off treats later.

Any ways, finally what you've been waiting for... Here is the free download for the Valentine's Bingo cards. I have made four different ones, so they are not all getting bingo at the same time. Just click the links below. You will need to click the free download for the calling cards to print them out at well.

Valentine Four in a Row Bingo Cards:

Valentine Calling Cards:

I've also made a color version:

Maybe you don't want to color the cards, or don't have time to. I'm also sharing them as already colored cards as well. Click the free download button above. For best results print out onto card stock. You can laminate them to make them more durable as well. 

Here are the Calling Cards, click the free download below:

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Here are some fun Bingos:

Here are some other fun Valentine's Day Ideas:

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